Ever since going into lock down in the middle of March, I’ve been stuck at home. The learning has not stopped at all, as with the DLP (Distance Learning Program) OSC is getting us to keep on going throughout the DP Program. Though not the best approach to learning, it is the best that can be done at this stage.

However, CAS hasn’t stopped at all either. I am keeping up with Creativity, Activity and Service in multiple different ways.


Starting with Creativity, I have been doing multiple things at home to stay up-to date on this strand of CAS. I have decided to learn a new skill, and along with my family we learnt how to play Poker. We now play this game on multiple days throughout the week at night, and it is a nice way to have fun and spend some quality time with family while being stuck at home. By learning Poker I have also learnt a fancy new card shuffling trick, which is an added bonus. I have been trying to perfect it throughout the day.


Activity wise, at home I have always been exercising and working out even before the lock down, but that was limited due to all the extra-curricular activities I would have. I did also do sailing every weekend, but that has now stopped. So, I have now upped my workout regime, doing it more often and more intensely. The exact routine consists of Kettle Bell abs and arms workouts, treadmill running and the battle rope.

Walking on the treadmill – Photo by my dad

My activity does also include walking my dog around the garden, and playing with her by throwing her toys around and running around with her in the garden.


Service at home is wildly different to regular Recycling and Sustainability. For me it ranges from helping to clean the house, taking out the trash, washing dishes, etc. Just regular household chores that have been amplified while at home. However, helping the environment doesn’t stop for me as at home we have a compost bin where the food waste goes out to.

Learning Outcomes

My activities at home can relate to the CAS learning outcome of ‘demonstrate that they have undertaken challenges, developing new skills in the process’ as in the Creativity strand I have developed the new skill of how to play poker, and how to shuffle cards in a new way, which requires lots or practice and is challenging to perfect. I also am ‘engaging with issues of global significance’ as pollution is a big problem around the world, and especially in Sri Lanka. By putting food waste in the compost it is being recycled into use for plants in our garden, and not being thrown into a garbage dump somewhere.

Overall, though life has somewhat slowed down in quarantine, I still am doing my best to keep up with my school work through the DLP, and I am also doing multiple activities to keep up with CAS.