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In Preparation for the next Spring Gala – Concert Band

Feature image taken by Kenji Tan

Concert Band is an after school activity held each Monday after school for an hour for students who can play orchestral instruments and wish to play in an ensemble for fun. As a violinist, my passion for exploring music can be done in this activity. In the schools I had been to prior, I have been involved with similar ensembles which were all mainly string ensembles. Though this was a band, I was determined to continue this tradition and open myself up for new experiences. Last year’s spring gala was a tremendous success as we played popular pieces such as the Blues Brothers. This year, we are diving into very different styles of music such as the soundtrack of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean but we are also still continuing with the jazz-like theme of last year with the song Superstition. However, in addition to these pieces, we have even looked at a classical piece for the first time since I joined the club, that being the music for the Royal Fireworks.

Image Taken by Kenji Tan. The music for the National Anthem of Sri Lanka.

These pieces help challenge how I play in a way that I can blend in my sounds with the rest of the band. As of now, this is one of the very few outlets in which I can be involved in such a consistent ensemble group. Furthermore, as a string player, I feel that it is my duty to uphold the strings traditions in ensemble groups in a school where choir and band choices of music are more prominent. Furthermore, as the leading section leader of the violin section I take a large amount of responsibility in making sure that the strings section can stay together with Ms. Duncan as the piano conductor. I’m hoping that next year’s Spring Gala will be a major success with the amazingly fun pieces we’re playing. And I’m sure the audience will very much appreciate and connect to what we have to offer.

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