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Final semester of Service

Students serving popcorn. Taken by the author

Semester 2 of Recycling and Sustainability began with a great collaboration session with Reef Keepers service group. This semester Recycling and Sustainability had many new students joining along with the DP students continuing with their semester which shows how widely spread Recycling and Sustainability is and also is a prove that students are being more aware at the campus by helping Recycling and Sustainability. During our last Reef keepers gave a presentation related to waste management in oceans which gave our students an opportunity to gain awareness about the climate and environment beyond recycling.

Recycling and Sustainability group also made popcorn using the fuel from Bio gas plant together with Reef Keepers and since that day we have been making popcorn quite regularly. During the past service lessons, we also finalized our duty on Food and Fun day which will be making popcorn using the Bio gas plant. In the upcoming sessions we will be working on Food and Fun fair organizations however our everyday duty of keeping the school campus cleaned is still in progress. This semester the current DP 1s are the ones mostly going to the scrap dealer for selling recycle waste and learning about where recycling papers go.

Exploring the Biogas plant. Taken by author

This will be my last semester of service in school and I’m excited to give my contribution to Recycling and Sustainability for one last time. Since my past years at Recycling and Sustainability, all senior leaders who I’ve met have planned and achieved many projects for Recycling and Sustainability. I am proud that I was also able to contribute in developing Recycling and Sustainability from a digital view point as in DP 1 I successfully completed the project of designing t-shirts for Recycling and Sustainability and sold them among our school community. Developing T-shirt for Recycling and Sustainability service group was a challenge for me because previous no had designed nor planned out any fabric work before, so I didn’t have a base to start from. After spending months on planning, designing, and negotiating with leaders and many others, I began the creation on Photoshop and soon printed.

In DP 2 I successfully designed and completed a website for Recycling and Sustainability which was also my CAS project, the link is osc.lk/recycling. During the 1st session of semester 2, the website was successfully launched on the web browser and now Recycling and Sustainability can widely share their goals and projects towards sustainability. A post on the website will be up soon. Besides having the website as my CAS project and spreading our message on t-shirt, my goal during the year in DP was also to set a benchmark for future tech students in Recycling and Sustainability to have a base to begin their designs and websites from and create even better digital ways for sharing Recycling and Sustainability’s message on the environment.

Popcorn making in process. Taken by author

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