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DP 2 CAS Goals

DP 2 CAS Goals


My 1st year of the Diploma Program was a success for CAS because I was able to achieve all my goals expect one. In creativity I was committed to COMUN 2018-19 as the Deputy Head of Technology in which I learned a lot about technological managements. In action I was able to perform in various sports from volleyball, football, but did not do basketball because I changed my plan and wanted to try a new sport which was ‘track and field’. For service last year my goal of keeping all rooms at OSC with a recycling box was a success but now I think for DP 2 I must increase my intensity with service.

Now I’m moving into the final year of IB and my initial plan for DP 2 is to have a well-balanced CAS experiences because I felt that in DP 1 I was actively busy in CAS activities specially with sports all year long and COMUN. This year my goal is to keep limitations to my CAS experiences and try new activities provided on the campus.


My COMUN journey ended last year which was my biggest contribution to creativity. This I would like to focus on using my technological skills gained from COMUN last year to create some creative elements. My goal for creativity this year will be to help with the technical part of production, yearbook editing, create a website for my service group, and design ‘hoodies’ for our senior year.


Last year I participated in 3 different sports in 3 SAISA seasons; volleyball, football, track and field. These sports required a lot of commitment and time because there wasn’t a season without no sports for me. This year I’m limiting myself to try a few sports because I also have to focus on my studies, university applications, and more. This year’s goal will to begin by volleyball in season 1 and either track and field or basketball in season 2.


This year other than participating in my service of ‘Recycling and Sustainability’ I would be focusing more on promoting our service through media. I will be creating a website for our service which will contain basic information about our service and how we are working for a great cause in the society. Information on our goals as a service, all our previous events, and activities. I’m also planning to create footage of our service in action, create a service video, and take images which will be posted on the website under gallery.

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