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Season 2: Football

Football Game

Football has been mine all-time favorite sport and it was my first every sport I played. During the last sports season of school I performed in the boys volleyball trainings which was a brand new experience for me. This season I had an option between badminton or football, and I chose to participate in football because of my preference. Football sessions are on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays however since I’m the Deputy Head of Technology for Colombo Model United Nations (COMUN), I have COMUN meetings on Tuesday by which I skip football practices on Tuesdays. I have been participating in football at Overseas School of Colombo since the past 2 years and this will be my 3rd year with an aim to show commitment, and a goal for improving social and collaboration skills.

Overseas school of Colombo (Orange) Vs Elizabeth Moir (Blue)
Photo credits: Disara Samayawardhena

The 1st few sessions I had in football were quite challenging for me as this year almost 70% of our football team has changed since the past 2-3 years. It was a new experience to play football with some new faces. Although I am not able to attend all 3 sessions a week, however I do commit myself to attend the rest 2 sessions  a week. During our 1st few practices we practiced on basics such as dribbling, passing, positioning, and some shooting. Then we shifted towards match playing formations and were starting to look more like a team on the field. Soon after we played our 1st friendly match against Elizabeth Moir School in which I played as left back defender.

Author (with the ball in orange) playing forward from defense with Josh. Photo credits: Disara Samayawardhena

The game was quite challenging to play against as it was a new team I was playing in and we hadn’t have enough practices to play a competitive match however we performed quite good. During the game there were some moments in which from a defender I went onwards to play in midfield with Josh to create space and open chances for Josh and other players to score a goal, after the ball was lost to the other team I came back to my position of left back, that game was tiring for me as I was consistently going back and forth on the field, but I enjoyed and learned how to dribble and create spaces during a game.

Throw in by the author. Photo credits: Disara Samayawardhena

After that game I kept on attending practices in which I’ve improved my collaborative skills among the team and personally developed my ball handling skills and physical strength. This year again I won’t be able to participate in SAISA (South Asian International Sports Association) football tournament due to expenses however I will continue practicing football till the season ends because it’s a sport which I’ve been playing since my childhood. SAISA is in February this year and although our team has quite young football players, I still think our team will be able to give a strong competitiveness to other schools in SAISA.

Author playing football.
Photo credits: Disara Samayawardhena

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