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COMUN Faculty Meeting

Colombo Model United Nations 2019

Faculty Advisory meeting

All executive technology members of Colombo Model United Nations 2019 in one picture. Picture taken by Virath

Colombo Model United Nations, known as COMUN, is a student led educational simulation activity in which students participates as delegates to debate about the global issues and design creative and practical solutions to the issue. Along with this they also learn about diplomacy, international affairs and relations, and the United Nations. This year COMUN will be hosted again by OSC in which more than 400 delegates will be predicted to participate. In order for COMUN 2019 to be held, there was faculty meeting held by the COMUN executive committee for all the teachers involved in COMUN and student leaders of other schools for learning about what COMUN is and how will it run this year. As being the Deputy Head of Technology this year for COMUN 2019, my responsibility were in this meeting for maintaining the photography and slides for the presenters, in which my focus was to show commitment and demonstrate skills and the benefit of working collaboratively.

During this meeting all the executive technology members of COMUN, such as the Head and Deputy Heads of Technology and Head of Media worked together to control all the photography work, slides, and all types of connectives. During this time, I worked among these members in which my skill of working in a group increased and I think the meeting was a success because we all worked collaboratively and were able to run the meeting as smooth as possible, such that there weren’t any issues with changing slides, no irrelevant information was published, nor any photography issues, and nor any negative comments from the teachers and student leader.

All presenters of COMUN 2019 on the left side. All the faculty members on the right side. Picture taken by the author

COMUN is a student lead simulation activity by which every executive member of the COMUN 2019 must be committed to all sessions and meetings. Since it’s a student lead activity and is one of the biggest student lead activity in Sri Lanka, all the preparations and presentations were prepared by the executive committee. All the members in this committee are from different schools by which each one of us were to be committed to COMUN in order to make this meeting a success.

Working collaboratively to control the slide show, videos, mic, TV connections, etc. Photo credits to Head of Media, Milo.

This was my 1st COMUN meeting and specially a meeting in which I was handling one of the important roles of the meeting which was the slide shows of the presentations. I think that I was successful in handling the slide show thanks to my team of 3 more executive members, Anuda, Milo, and Youzhi, who also are in the tech department and who guided me on how to manage the slides. Overall the meeting was a great experience for me to show my commitment and my technological skills and I’m looking foreword to further  develop my technological skills in COMUN.

Photo taken during faculty advisory meeting by the author

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