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Virtual Earth Week

Before we moved to distance learning, Reefkeepers were collaborating with the Recycling and Sustainability service group in order to plan Earth Day and a spirit week honoring international Earth Day on Wednesday the 22nd of April. We were organizing an assembly, a guest speaker, activities, and a whole school spirit week, which of course had to be canceled due to COVID-19. However, we still wanted to find a way to celebrate Earth Day as a school while social distancing. We decided on organizing a virtual spirit week from the 20th to the 24th.

We organized a Zoom call with Ms. Clover (the Reefkeepers supervision), Talia and I (the Reefkeepers service leaders), Lexi and Darja, and Ms. Chee Wan (the Primary school environmental club supervisor) in order to discuss the plan prior to Earth Week. During the call, we made a final plan and delegated tasks. We decided on having a theme for each day: Monday’s theme was Water, Tuesday’s Air, Wednesday’s Earth, Thursday’s Flora, and Friday’s theme was Fauna.

The Google Doc that Ms. Clover, Talia, Lexi, Darja, Mr. Lockwood, Ms. Chee Wan, and I used to share and organize our ideas.

I volunteered to create the Padlet walls where I posted how people can show their spirit, activities they can do, and information on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were related to the theme of the day. Then on the day, teachers and students posted photos on the Padlet to show their spirit. I also volunteered to find some activities for people including watching live streams of animals at conservation centers and zoos and adopting or sponsoring an animal. I also shared the link on the Padlets to Earth Day Live where people from around the world could join a live stream to watch presentations and speeches from activists as well as musical performances by artists.

Screenshot of Tuesday’s Padlet.

The Links to the Padlets I created:






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  1. Madeleine May 24, 2020

    Awesome work!

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