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Throughout the last quarter, I have been a part of Ms. Ali’s printmaking after school activity. Every Friday we would meet in the art room after school and Ms. Ali would introduce a new printmaking technique and we would create a print practicing the new skill.

In the first session, we had the option to try oil transferring or a mixed media abstract print. I decided to try the mixed media print because I previously had the opportunity to try oil transfer. In order to create my print, I glued a variety of materials such as string, bubble wrap, and paper on to a piece of cardboard which I then covered in printing ink and used the printing press to print the abstract design created by the materials on a piece of paper. This took two sessions to complete because I had to wait until the glue dried in order to print.

Mixed media print

Another piece that I worked on was a linoleum print which took three sessions to carve and print. First I had to plan what to create for my print. I researched ideas for linocuts and decided to create one of my dog, then I practiced drawing her based on photos. I drew it on the linoleum and then carved out the parts of the drawing which I wanted to be white. After carving I printed the linocut using the printing press. I experimented with the amount of pressure used to print.

Linocut Print

For the last few sessions of the quarter, I created a simplified technique of screen printing using cloth, printing ink, and glue. I had never used this technique before therefore it was a challenge to create a successful print. After first researching ideas, I decided to create a print of a birch tree forest. I experimented with different ways to draw the forest and then I drew it on the cloth. In order to keep the cloth stretched, I used an embroidery ring and then I covered the areas to stay white with glue to prevent the printing ink from bleeding through.

Throughout this quarter I have learned a range of new techniques as well as practice abilities which I already possess. By challenging myself by trying new techniques, I have developed my printmaking skills as well as my creative process when starting a new art project. Being a part of this activity inspired me to practice other art skills, such as watercolor painting during the December break.

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