Anargi’s CAS Journey

Journey of an IB student

Jaffna Resonances 2020

    Every year, our school treats us to a ‘Week without walls’ program, which takes us on a week-long trip to a specific part of Sri Lanka, to engage with our more simplistic and authentic selves. The students of MYP 5 and DP 1 are provided with the opportunity to choose one out of…

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Flood Relief in Vavuniya

During the two – hour journey to Vavuniya, while observing the paddy fields blur into the blue of the ocean; the view reduced to nothing but distorted colors, I kept trying to picture what it would be like; I made my Jaffna experience the default setting, and added imaginative layers of feelings and emotions, that…

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Our Newest Addition: The Buddy System

The New and Improved “Buddy System” For a while, I have felt that the momentum of our service has somewhat slowed in the past few years and almost become an automated practice rather than an exciting tradition, bustling with energy. Although, we organize a vast range of activities and often change our schedule to make…

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Flood Relief in Jaffna

The first of the three locations that the Youth team and I visited was the furthest of section of the Northern District; the Jaffna peninsula as it was not only the hardest hit but one of the first areas to flood and therefore received ample time for the flood water to retreat. Prior to the…

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Introduction to the Flood Relief Program

Similar to the other countries that have a tropical climate, Sri Lanka does not have the usual four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter but merely two phases of climatic change that make the meteoric landscape; the South-west and North – East monsoon. There are two specific instances that the Monsoons occupy on the…

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Art Exhibition

One of our focal points for the students in RCCI is to help nurture their social skills through empirical means, thereby allowing them to experience and understand the essence of what is taught. An excellent example of the students polishing the cognitive skills, and more specifically, collaborative skills was when my peers and I visited…

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