Animals I want to own one day

I have many dreams for my future of owning animals,But the one animal I have always wanted is a Savannah cat. For those who do not know what a Savannah cat is it is a rare domestic cat the size of a medium dog it. I have heard that they can make good family pets, but they are extremely rare and very expensive.

why I love the animals I own. :)

One reason I adore animals is because of their affectionate behavior and their different personality’s. My favorite pet I own is my dog Pearl whom I got year for my birthday The reason she is my all time favorite is because she follows me everywhere is very intelligent and has a beautiful personality that brings my spirit up when am down.

Animals that I enjoy.

The reason I have chosen animals is because my life is revolved around them.

I take care of animals every day I spend quality time with every single  one and I also paint and sketch animals.When I leave on vacation all I think about is how my animals are doing.

Welcome to my blog

My name is Marta Douglas and I will be writing about many types  of animals from around the world. My personal favorite subject is farm animals mainly because I want to own a farm when I am older ,but also because I own some farm animals now such as chickens, bunny, cats ,dogs and hopefully soon a goat.