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DP1 CAS Goals

“IB CAS – Creativity, Activity & Service – International School Bangkok: American International School.” IB CAS – Creativity, Activity & Service, Wells International School, 21 Mar. 2018,

Creativity – My goal is to further improve my skills on the violin and to perform more challenging repertoire over the course of the next year in events I will participate in which are recitals, galas, concerts, and more. I will take any and all the opportunities I have to perform so that I can be a more confident performer. I have had some experience with performance during MYP 5 as I was provided the opportunity in things like concert band but I know that I still have a long way to go in terms of being a better performer. By the end of the year, I hope to end up being a more accomplished and comfortable violinist.

My other goal as a violinist is to be able to pass in the Grade 7 ABRSM Exam for violin which acts as a standardized test to prove my proficiency level at playing that instrument. It acts as a milestone for me to achieve also for my own self to be proud of how far I’ve come with all the commitment I’ve put into mastering this instrument. This is definitely an achievable goal for me as I am currently working on the Grade 7 ABRSM pieces, and though it is challenging, I can foresee myself working to overcome the obstacles. If I work hard enough and do enough practice, there is no doubt that I will be able to pass the Grade 7 ABRSM practical violin exam during this year.

Activity – My goal is to be active with sports year-round with opportunities in school and outside focusing on the sports of volleyball and badminton. My aim is to be active at all times so that there isn’t one season of school sports where I don’t have anything to do. This means that I will go for outside school training for badminton of which I will find a club for after the volleyball season ends in the first trimester. This would help me stay fit and allow me to focus on other things other than academics and would no doubt help me live a healthier lifestyle as well.

My other goal in this section is to get into SAISA badminton this year. Since it is at the third season, I will have time during the second season after volleyball to train hard so that I can get into the team. Although last year I was not able to get in, I wasn’t very far off either and I know that if I train hard enough, I will be able to get in by the time badminton season comes up. I will find a badminton club where I can get lessons to be better at the sport.

Service – My goal is to be an active leader and role model in my service Hope for Kids and to be able to help the kids in the cancer hospital to the best of my abilities. I’ll know I’ve achieved this by acting as the service leader and organizing successful events such as fundraisers or the trips to the hospital which can leave a positive lasting impact. This goal is achievable as I’ve had a year of experience in the service group already and I’ve learnt many things on how to organize food drives, making bandanas to sell, buying presents, etc.

My other goal would be to have more productive fundraising events than last year as we used to make bandanas or have rubber bracelets to sell. These items were decent things to raise money from but were either too low of quality or weren’t very desirable items for people to buy. I plan to change this and push for higher quality goods to be sold that are still practical in terms of making and supplying them, but would have more value to be sold with a higher demand. This would happen this year and if I had done this successfully, we would raise more money than last year and all our products could be sold easily with decent customer satisfaction as well.

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