Week Without Walls 2024 – Hiking

  This year’s WWW was a brilliant learning and recreational experience. We started early on Monday at 6:00am. Honestly at this point I was not looking forward to the trip, not because of the content but because of how tired I was. The bus ride was… an interesting one. For some reason the chairs were […]


  After last year’s SAISA run, every single person on the team wanted to maintain our title. To solidify ourselves as the first team in OSC history to win twice in a row. All of the practice games, mornings and after school sessions we had all led up to this moment. Playing at a home […]

The Lunchtime Performances

Being in the arts program, I am constantly given opportunities to perform and showcase progress within the field. A new addition to this has been weekly performances every Thursday which are used to increase my repertoire and improve my performance skills. It is an amazing opportunity to develop important performing skills as well as building […]

CAS GOALS – 2023

Creativity :  For creativity over the course of the next 2 years, I aim to be involved in various aspects of the topic. More specifically the arts such as musicals ( little shop of horrors), gala concerts and theater groups outside of school such as the workshop players. MY main focus within creativity will be […]