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DP1 Final Reflection


This year I was a class representative for the Student Government Association and helped the SGA by brainstorming ideas, planning events, and creating decorations. Being a member of the SGA taught me the importance of collaboration and organization. I initiated and planned different ideas for the events we organized. Additionally, I was a part of the art club/printmaking afterschool activity run by Ms. Ali as well as I attended the SAISA Art workshop in Mumbai. SAISA Art demonstrated how useful collaboration is in art through receiving feedback. During SAISA Art, Art club, and the time I spent at home creating, I challenged myself to branch out to learned new skills by trying new media, such as paper arts, screen printing, and oil pastels.


This school year I participated in three SAISA sports: swimming, track and field, and basketball. My goal for SAISA swimming was to show perseverance and commitment by attending at least one optional morning practice every week and continuing training during the October break. I achieved my goal and I continued to push myself to compete at my best during the SAISA swimming competition in Nepal, where I achieved a new personal best for all of my events. My goal for Track was to place in the top six for three of my events, I exceeded my goal by placing for all of my events and winning my first individual SAISA gold medal. In addition to challenging myself and improving my track and field skills to grow as an athlete, I also was appointed a team captain of the team which allowed me to grow as a leader. I was a part of the girls basketball team however our season was cut short due to COVID-19. Even in just our close to a month of practice, I already started improving my confidence in the sport. An additional goal was to continue training while not participating in a SAISA sport (though this is not what I was expecting) after we started distance learning, I started working out at home or going for runs close to my house.


This was my first year as a service leader for my service group Reefkeepers. Reefkeepers is a group that works counter the global issue of pollution affecting local Sri Lankan reefs and the global oceans. This year we collaborated to continue our previous actions as well as initiate and organize new actions, such as the climate strike, the neighborhood sweep, and earth week. Even after we moved to distance learning, we continued our actions virtually by organizing (over Zoom) earth week to raise awareness for the issues facing our earth and how one’s actions have a larger impact on the world.

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