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My goal is to be a Student Government Association student representative for my class and help the SGA by creating posters, brainstorming ideas, and planning events and spirit weeks. I have been a representative for the past two years and I enjoy being a part of the SGA because I am able to have a larger role in my community. This year I plan to be a part of the ASA Art club for the second ASA block and I hope to improve my artistic abilities and learn new techniques and skills.


I have been an active member of our sports community ever since I joined this school. I plan to continue being a member of the SAISA swimming, track and field, and basketball teams. During the times when I am not participating in a SAISA sport, I plan to continue working on my fitness and strength with body conditioning one day a week and yoga on Saturdays. For SAISA swimming, my goal is to go to at least one morning practice every week and continue swimming during the October break. My goal for SAISA Basketball is to make the team and develop my skills and confidence in basketball. My goal for SAISA track and field is to improve my times and distance for all of my events (Shotput, Discus, 400m, 800m, and 1500m) and place in the top 6 for three of my events. 


This year I am the leader to the Reefkeepers service group. We are a group that works to reduce plastic use and increase the awareness of the issues facing Sri Lanka’s reefs and the global oceans. I have been a member of this service group for the past few years however this year I hope to challenge myself by organizing the group in order to stay on task during the meetings. Throughout the next two years, I aim to introduce new ideas and initiatives to advocate for reusable alternatives to single-use plastics and reduce the amount of plastic reaching our oceans. 

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