Gecko Network Update 28.11.2019

“Mediocre things are better than no things” is the phrase that we’re trying to force ourselves to live by at Gecko Network, in regards to Gecko News. At the start of the year, I was appointed by Anuda(our service leader) to head a team to specifically produce Gecko News, and nothing else. Originally, I was planning to produce 2 per month, where we could cover a variety of content, but this is far from what actually happened. It’s 3 months in to the year and so far, we’ve produced none. Now, while this does sound pretty bad(0% of our target), there have been many unique factors which contributed to this, though the main one the being the amount of school Thursdays missed from a combination of days off and SAISA. Despite these challenges, I’ve got a new script format that will us to make the scripts quickly and get used to recording them. The one video that we’re guaranteed to produce is the semester 1 wrap-up for the end of semester assembly.

Other than undertaking the definite challenge of Gecko News, Gecko Network has certainly been busy. As a group, we’ve produced 3 videos and hundreds of great photos from all the events that were had this semester. The SAISA video this year was something that I helped with, and it was awesome. In years past, all the SAISA videos we’ve made are 3 separate videos from the 3 different sports, but this year we combined them into one great montage. The production video wasn’t something I was super involved in, but I helped out with the coordination between Gecko Network and the musical, so that they could take pictures, and that video turned out as one of the best ones we’ve made.

I know this isn’t a particularly long update, but I wanted to give a heads up of what’s going on at Gecko Net. I’ll post the semester 1 recap video once we finish with it, and stay tuned for more.

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