Amy’s CAS Journey

My extra-curricular activities at OSC

Starting Art Club: My Goals + Progress

Goals for this quarter: For the second quarter I’ve signed up for art club to keep up with doing art outside of my assignments for school. I plan to use the session every week to focus on exploring art techniques I’ve never done before or practice on ones I like but don’t have a lot…

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A Tough Season: Post SAISA Swimming Competition

SAISA is an international sports competition between 10 different schools in (mostly) south Asia. For the SAISA Swimming competition this year 7 schools participated including;  The Overseas School of Colombo, Sri Lanka (OSC), Lincoln School, Kathmandu Nepal (LS), The American School of Bombay, India (ASB), The American International School of Chennai, India (AISC), The American…

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SOS Village Service Group

This is my fifth year with the service group SOS Village. Our service works with an orphanage called SOS Village to help teach children English, though it’s quite different from regular orphanages. SOS Village has multiple houses in their organization with a motherly figure taking care of a small group of children, like a family….

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Supporting Rock Climbing Middle School ASA

For this quarter I’ve started helping out with the climbing after school activity for middle schoolers. We have about eight students that join for the activity and all of them are always very excited to climb. As a leader I help out with leading stretches, getting gear for everyone, giving advice mid climb to people…

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Unity in Diversity Day Workshop

Every year OSC has had a United Nations day to celebrate the school’s diversity but just this year they have renamed it to Unity in Diversity Day. The OSC community dresses in their national clothing as we celebrate the different  cultures we all come from (and eat really good food from around the world).  This…

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Just Keep Swimming: SAISA Training Update

The SAISA swimming competition in Chennai, India is coming up in the first week of November and our team has been training since school started. I try to train three times a week with an added two morning sessions which is usually around eight hours a week. This is my second year of being team…

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Taking the Plunge! DP Orientation Reflection

DP orientation was an amazing experience and I had a lot of fun going up to Kitulgala for the second time. My first time was in 9th grade for Week Without Walls and though that trip was very fun I preferred orientation since we were only staying for three days and not five. With that…

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My DP 1 CAS Goals

Rock Climbing (Creativity + Activity): For the next ASA quarter I will be helping to lead a rock climbing activity for the middle schoolers. I will help support the other teachers by belaying climbers, giving advice for new students and encouraging them to get excited over the fun sport. For myself, I want to get…

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