Badminton in Bombay

With the beginning of the year begins the badminton season. Now, I am not going even to try to sit here and pretend like badminton is a cool sport, I am entirely aware it is not. My journey with badminton, and yes, it was a JOURNEY, began last year when I accidentally joined the ASA […]

Jokes, Joyrides, and Jaffna

The long-awaited Week Without Walls post… As January rolls on in, so do the highly anticipated Week Without Walls trips. This year, I was placed on the Nothern Narratives trip that takes us to the northern part of Sri Lanka, primarily in the Jaffna area. In my opinion, the most notable quality of the Northern […]

Science, Spiders, and Sinharaja

The DP collaborative science trip is a necessary IB requirement that introduces us to the concept of ‘Citizen Science’- the conduction of scientific research by the public. Being in Sri Lanka, the scope for investigation is tremendous, and a variety of factors can be studied all throughout the landscapes of the country thanks to its […]

UN-ity in Diversity Day

The title needs work; it’s a desperate attempt at coming up with something clever…   Unity in Diversity Day, formerly known as UN Day, is a day of celebration and cultural expression for the OSC community held at the beginning of October. This day is an opportunity for the international community of OSC to come […]

Conversations Can Create Change

As a service group, Room to Read concerns itself with the global issue of lack of literacy in the world but primarily in Sri Lanka. Through our initiatives, we hope to bridge the literacy gap present and create a positive impact on the youth in the community. One of our latest initiatives has been our […]