Alex’s CAS Journey

My extra-curricular activities at OSC

Housing and Habitat – Building Primary Garden Beds

My Service, Housing and Habitat has been building garden beds for the primary students. This has been a great experience.

Saisa football 2024 at LS Nepal

  Saisa Boys football was so much fun!

Setting up an Ecommerce store

Over the past year, I have been successful in making an ecommerce store and selling over 40 products on 3 different platforms.

Gecko Net Saisa season 2 work

During the second saisa season I worked extensively to cover the media for Osc’s saisa. Here are two things I did. -Making the OSC Saisa track and field promotional video -Coverage of Saisa Girls Football at OSC – Gecko Net

Recycling Center/ Waste management/ Plastics center Fieldtrip

As service work, we visited and learned about various ways to manage waste, and how to help improve how waste is managed in Sri Lanka. This was a great experience.

WWW Blogpost Northern Narratives

(Sunset in India, From I. Lockwood) (Northern Jaffna, From I. Lockwood) Summary of what we did day to day: *3:45-4:00 Meet at school for bus ride north *7:30 Mihintale stretch *8:30 Breakfast at Anuradhapura 11:00 Elephant Pass pause *1:00 arrive in Point Pedro *1:30 Lunch near Kankesanturai (KKS) *2:00-6:00-6:00 Visit to Point Pedro area &…

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Geo IA trip in the Highlands

Last week my Geography class went on our IA trip to the highlands area of the country I helped plan and facilitate the trip as an ambassador who has been to the area many times before. I helped organize the trip at my family estate: Amba Estate, The trip was filled with adventure, activity, and…

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3 years of serious fitness training

After 1 year of consistently doing cardio, pushups, pullups and ab workout in my room, I began to see massive changes in my fitness journey, but this was only the beginning, because after Covid and middle school that become to easy for me. But this post is not about that, this post is about the…

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Independent Food donation drives and book donation drives over the Winter holiday

Over the winter break, along with my Mom and some close family friends, we bought ration’s such as, Rice, Dhal and Sugar, and gave it to a local church to distribute to families in need. A few weeks later My Family and I sorted through old children’s books in our house and packaged them to…

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Group 4 project trip

Primary: #Activity learning – Hiking Secondary: #Service learning – Citizen science During this project, My group and I collaborated throughout the data collection process in various ways. One specific example that stands out is how we collaborated when setting up the plots, by feeding rope, hammering sticks and passing around measurements. Further, we made sure…

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