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Final Reflection: A Journey of Self-Discovery and impact

As my final days of DP rapidly come to an end, I would like to reflect on my experience with CAS and OSC in general as someone who has joined at the beginning of DP 2. As I come to… Continue Reading →

Performing for the Music Portfolio

On 20th of March I had the opportunity to perform for one of my classmate’s music portfolio, where we performed “Dont stop Me Now” by Queen. With several practice sessions and improvements were able to perfect our performance which was… Continue Reading →

US Peace Corps Cultural Exchange Trip to Ingiriya

On Thursday April 6th our US Peace Corps service group travelled to Ingiriya to partake in a cultural exchange with the students there. The entire day consisted of a range of different activities that brought us and the children together,… Continue Reading →

Field Trip to the International Water Management Institute

Last Thursday, March 9th our chemistry class and other students from the ESS class visited the International Water Management Institute for a presentation about sustainability and the growing popularity of the use of natural fertilizer with the use of feces…. Continue Reading →

Winter Gala Guitar Performance

For the Winter Gala I had the opportunity to perform three songs with the guitar ensemble. These included: Bella Ciao, Treat People with kindness and Api Kawuruda. The guitar ensemble spent a long time┬árehearsing these and learning new skills along… Continue Reading →

Creating Art with Desmos

As part of my university application process I was required to create a piece of art or music that was somehow connected to that university. Faced with this challenge, I understood that as a student who does not take arts… Continue Reading →

OSC UN Day – Cultural Workshop

On UN Day (October 7th, 2022), our French Ab Initio class decided to create a presentation for kindergarten students that was somehow connected to French culture. We decided to make a presentation about the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is… Continue Reading →

Performing with the Guitar Ensemble

On October 27, during lunch time, I performed with the Guitar Ensemble. As a group, we practiced two different pieces, which included: Bella Ciao, and Stairway to Heaven. As previously, we performed in front of a small audience, and as… Continue Reading →

SAISA – Volleyball Tournament

On October 20th, I had the opportunity to travel to Nepal, Kathmandu for the SAISA Volleyball Tournament. I was pleased to have made the team and I had an amazing experience for my first trip to SAISA. Going into the… Continue Reading →

Reading Buddies with the elementary students

Me and my classmates have organized routine “Reading Buddies” sessions, where we get to read fun books for the elementary children at OSC. For our first few sessions so far, I have found this service very entertaining and enjoyable as… Continue Reading →

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