First COMUN conference – IP committee

Today was my first time attending a COMUN conference. MUN is also known as ‘Model United Nations’ which is a prestigious academic activity that allows us, students, to gain more knowledge about diplomacy and international relations.

I attended the conference as an International Press (IP) member for ‘Fox News’. IP is the reporting and journalism component of MUN. At first, adjusting to the speed of the debate was difficult. As time passed, I realized that it was going to be difficult if I just observed the debate. Therefore, I decided to take notes which helped me organize my thoughts.

Through this conference, I learned about various global issues. One of these global issues included the illicit trade of arms, also known as “Arms trafficking”, throughout the world. This conference helped me understand problems occurring every day around the globe. Although it is challenging to keep up with the pace of others, I definitely have created a valuable experience for myself by joining MUN.

Learning outcomes observed:

2. Challenge and skills
LO2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process. A new challenge may be an unfamiliar experience or an extension of an existing one. The newly acquired or developed skills may be shown through experiences that the student has not previously undertaken or through increased expertise in an established area.

6. Global engagement
LO6 Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance Students are able to identify and demonstrate their understanding of global issues, make responsible decisions, and take appropriate action in response to the issue either locally, nationally, or internationally.

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