Girls for Girls

As my previous service, student ambassadors was discontinued as a service, I had to join a new one. I decided to join the service – ‘Girls for Girls’, this year. ‘Girls for Girls’ is a school-based feminist group. This service group is an advocate for strategies that empower women’s rights and support gender equality – specifically for women as this has been an ongoing issue for years. In this service meeting, we introduced ourselves and shared our reasons for joining this specific service. When it was my turn to share my answer, I said “I joined this service because I wanted to empower women and spread positivity.” My main reason for joining this service is because I want to hear other people’s stories. I want to gain another view of the world and how people perceive everything around them. Our goals for this service were to spread information on feminism through various platforms and create different forms of art to represent our support for women around the world. Some platforms we’re working on managing are Facebook, Instagram, and the school newspaper. My strength is writing and spreading information through social media so I took the role of being the facebook manager for the service. Although I am good at creating creative projects, my communication needs work. As a result of the pandemic, we’ve been having our service meetings on zoom. I hope to improve my real-life communication when we return to school.

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