Middle School Basketball Tournament

Before October break Mr. Rossberg approached me and asked me if I was interested in helping him plan a basket ball tournament for the middle school. And I said yes because last year I was interested in having a basketball tournament called hoops for hope but due to time restraints and other factors, I had to discard that idea. But when Mr. Rossberg asked if I could help I was excited to see what the process of this tournament will be like.

Mr. Rossberg and I met up one lunch to talk about the logistics and he had already planned out how it was going to work. He had planned in a way to make sure that there was at least one girl in each group and a good balance between grade levels as well.  After October break, we met up again and discussed how we are going to do this. Like I said before majority of the logistics was done by Mr. Rossberg but i helped make a poster and helped him get the word around.

it was a two day basketball tournament, Monday and Wednesday after school. The first day was a little disorganized as the kids did not have their groups planned properly and and some groups did not follow the requirements  but they figured it out last minute and they were able to come up with teams and we were able to proceed with the tournament. It was a fun tournament for the girls and boys that played, it was a good opportunity for them to play against their friends and have some fun competition.

Overall, I think that this was a great opportunity to get the younger kids working together and i think that is an essential skill for once they get to higher grades. I also think that it was just a good fun activity for the kids that liked basketball and enjoy playing basketball.

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