My CAS goals

CAS is an important component in our DP years to make sure that we are able to balance our academics as well as our creativity, activity and service. This year we started our DP journey and I think that it is important to be a balanced student. I think that this year is also a time to try new things and challenge yourselves because the IB or the DP journey is not an easy journey. There are important principles that we should have such as being risk-takers, balanced, principled, communicators, thinkers, open-minded, reflective and most importantly caring.

These are my CAS goals:


There are many creative activities that I want to do, I am a creative person and I love doing creative activities where it be to create an art work or to making a vide. I am a HL art students and there are many important aspect to to creating a piece and process journal work is a very important part. My goal for art would be to spend more time doing media testing and messing around with the tools that are available for me. To try something new, I need to experiment before i proceed and I have felt in the past that I don’t give much time for process journaling, which I want to give more attention to. I also do Yearbook, I am one of the chief editors this year and I am looking forward to working with the yearbook committee to make the best possible yearbook for the people. I used to do yearbook back in 7th and 8th grade but I stopped in 9th because I wanted to try new things and do sports but loved working on the yearbook so I decided that this year i want to start again. Creating the yearbook is not easy and we are all going to need to work really hard on it. The first couple weeks our goal is to mess around with In-Design and get to know it better, after that we will be working really hard to make a good yearbook for the whole school. I am look forward and extremely excited¬† to all the creative work that I will be doing.


This year I am working toward become a healthier and a fitter person. I have struggled with my weight for a very long time because of hormonal issue as well as a genetic issue. Over the summer I worked out almost everyday and I really enjoyed. I started working out because I did not really have anything to do over the summer and I really started to love it. I have a personal trainer and he is really good and kill me most of the time (all the time) at the gym but after working out I feel great. Most weekdays I am in the gym by 5:00 am, I start off with thirty minutes of cardio and then I do either legs and chest, arms and chest or full body. My goal by the end of the year is come down to 65kg. Over the summer I lost 6kg and I will keep working harder. I maintain a healthy diet and I try to be as healthy as possible. I want to be balanced a risk-taker and take up a challenge and work on it and become the best person that I can.


I am the Service leader for Girls for Girls. Girls for Girls is a service where we work with girls who are sexually assaulted and harassed. We work in collaboration with Emerge Global Lanka where they have a shelter for the girls where they will be for 3 months until their court cases are finalized and released to the real world. We go or they come to OSC almost every Thursday and we do some kind of activity with them that willeither help them in their future like teach english, cook, read books and use the internet and we also play sports with them. Our main goal this year is to try and expand our service as much as possible, we could like to partner up with some other organization that works with girls who are sexually assaulted. We also want to try and bring a service in for boys who were raped, it has been in discussion for the last three year and nothing has really happened but we want to start or get a group of boys to start this service. I am also hoping to finish my service project this year. I want to have something called “hoops for hope” a charity basketball game to raise money for rape victims or for organization that work with rape victims.


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