OSC’s Room To Read Semester 2 Reflection


OSC’s Room to Read

Semester 2– Reflection

This semester was more eventful that last semester. Since we were planning for a lot of projects in semester 1, we did most of the action stage in semester 2. We had our book sale for food and fun fair this year, we wrapped up the secondary library for the Vidya Wardeyna school. We also added a lot more books to the database for the online bookstore we are hoping to initiate next school year. Our team has worked consistently and collaboratively to reach all our minor goals we have made this school year. The most successful and fun event for me was the book sale because it went smoothly and we gained a lot of money through it. I believe it is the most effective fundraiser for our service and I am very excited to do it next year. There were many learning outcomes that we came across at some point of our service, they are given below:

Communication and Collaboration

We worked as a group to plan our annual book drive. We spent a lesson making posters for the book drive to put up around school. Then we voted for the best ones which also provided all the information required. We got a lot of books from this book drive, many students, parents and teachers. We had so much support from the OSC community and were able to gather so many book for both the primary and secondary library.  We are able to work together to maximize our productivity during our service sessions. Through communication we spread new ideas and work together to further develop these ideas. We planned and worked together to work on our book driving earlier during this year. Here is one of the posters to spread the awareness about the book drive:

Even though this was supposed to end in semester 1, we kept getting books in semester 2 which helped us prepare for our book sale even more. With our books, we planned the annual book sale, here is the poster and our team working collaboratively:

Picture taken by Prabha Dayal. Author arranging books in the book sale.
Picture take by Raina Lockwood. Students from Vidya Wardeyna School helping us as well.

We also visited anew school together which we might work on next year. It is still uncertain however our group already started suggesting plans and ideas to develop the library for that school which was very impressive.


The Vidya Wardeyna School have more books in their primary and secondary library, therefore, there are more sources for the students to learn from. We did help the local community as a service by increasing the number of resources and facilities, we improved the student’s education in some ways. I am quite sad about Sanjana leaving our team as she will graduate this year but I am excited for my new partner as service leaders for next year. As a group we accomplished a lot this year and I hope to accomplish more next year with our new service leader and team. I will work harder and put more time into service for our group to have fun and build a strong relationship with each other and the new school.


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