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Personal Fitness

I had done archery in the first semester and I could tell it was not enough activity for me. However, I didn’t have a lot of time to spare to do extra activities so I decided to leave archery and put that time into a more physically demanding activity. I was not really interested in any sports we had in school and I knew it would be hard to start something of my own. I tried football but after doing it the past 2 years consecutively, I wanted to try something new. This is when Savi suggested that we workout together and we could find a supervisor to meet the CAS requirements. This is when we got Ms. Nelson to supervise us and our journey began. We dedicated every Friday afternoon to workout together in school under the supervision of Ms. Nelson and tried to workout at home as well. Through Savi’s personal trainer, we got exercises that we were able to do in school. I really enjoyed personal fitness because I was able to focus on my capabilities and work on myself rather than having other people rely on my weak skills. It is alright to have weak skills for certain sport, you can always improve however some sports are not meant for everyone. This is how I have felt doing any collaborative sport since 9th grade and collaboration really helped me improve, however my interest was never there. I never enjoyed being relied on.

With this personal fitness, I was able to focus and work on my weaknesses and strengths and with Savi to help me out, we were able to build upon our collaborative skills and really motivated each other each Friday to work harder. This is very helpful for me because having someone working out with me keeps me motivated to keep up with them. It creates a positive peer- pressure environment for me where I can push myself harder.

Savi and the author working out in the school gym. Photo credits: Ms. Nelson.

Many of the learning outcomes will be addressed in the demonstration of the 5 CAS stages below:

We both were investigating how we can do this every week and which dates are the most suitable for both of us and through this we were able to decide every Friday after school was the best option available. I personally also looked at other useful personal fitness apps that can guide me through workouts on the weekends. Looking at the workouts available on fitness apps was quite challenging for me but I knew I had to stay committed through the semester if I really wanted to improve my fitness. The investigation stage was completed once for this activity. However, this stage is very important for the initiation and planning of this CAS experience.

Some of the use fitness apps I was able to find.

We both have to do some preparation before our workouts. Savi would usually share the exercises and tasks we have to complete in our workout sessions one day prior to the workout, therefore, she would share it on either Wednesday or Thursday. This also reflects the benefits of working collaboratively and how we were able to help each other. This gave me an opportunity to create minor goals and mindset to complete all the tasks within the given time. Unlike investigation, preparation was done more frequently.

Preparation and action is something we do every week because they are both connected and can be vary every Friday. According to the new set of workouts, we start our warm up which we do every sessions and begin round 1 of the whole circuit. According to the time taken for the first round, we create a goal of how many we can fit in the rest of the session. With this goal in mind, we push ourselves and each other to meet the time limit and perform each workout in proper form. Sometimes we do fail but we still keep ourselves motivated as we always have another chance. The challenging aspect of this activity is what allows us to grow and overcome those challenges together. A couple minutes before leaving, we make sure to do a cool down and stretch our body completely. We help each other stretch different parts of the bodies reflecting the benefits of collaboration. Here are some pictures of the action stage from a Friday session.

Doing planks at the school gym. Photo credits: Ms. Nelson.
One of the most fun exercises – Wall sits. Photo Credits: Ms. Nelson.
More exercises. Photo Credits: Ms. Nelson.

Demonstration and Reflection
We do reflect on our performances in our Friday sessions and know what we can work on at home. We have different reflections after each session based on how well or poor we performed. There are always successes to be proud of and failures to work on for next session. This is why I enjoy personal fitness, because I can give my health my full attention as well as see the benefits or working collaboratively with Savi. She has been a great support and partner to train with in the past couple of months. I will work on my personal fitness during summer and I hope to continue these Friday fitness sessions next year as well.

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