Every kid loves ice cream.

The SGA’s first ever planned event of the year was an Ice Cream Social: free ice cream for all students! It was designed as a strategic mood booster for the dreary remains of the quarter.

The first order of business was attaining the creamy solid goods. After heavy and intense planning, we agreed that 8 litres would be sufficient.I was designated as the cones-and-chocolate-ice-cream proprietor, which was promptly achieved by a quick trip to Keels. Everything was smooth so far. Until the day arrived…

I had never seen children act so animalistic. Like an alchemist to gold, there were kids to ice cream. Scoops of vanilla were gobbled from bare tables, and chocolate sauce creatively splashed everywhere. It was anarchy. But it was expected. Gecko kids ,although open minded, are not the most obedient and timid. We spent most of the next period cleaning the canteen and washing dishes.

However, even with the craze, 8 litres of ice cream was an indomitable amount. There was still a whopping 4 litres left. The ice cream could’ve easily been taken home, but instead I decided to leave it in the canteen refrigerator, a bigger idea in mind.

The next day was service day which meant at 4pm the cafeteria would be crowded by children visiting our school. These kids were from orphanages, Temple schools, special needs homes and local schools. Their backgrounds were vastly different to that of a normal OSC student, yet their eyes still widened the same way at the sight of ice cream.

After a packed service session with the girls from the Emerge centre, I quickly sprinted over to the canteen. I had requested a few of my friends’ service teachers to also allow them to leave early, as to put the ice cream scheme into action. We unpacked the tubs from the freezer, and frantically began feeding the buzz. The bowls and spoons ran short so I quickly washed them up, determined to prevent disappointment for the kids who still hadn’t been given their share of ice cream.

In the end it was a success! The ice cream was finished and each child was satisfied.

Alongside the leadership and organisational skills, I was also left with an epiphany. Children are children. No matter their background. We often find it hard to relate to anyone who doesn’t live in our bubble of privilege, especially with society as economically polarised as it is now. But it’s true. Every kid loves ice cream.

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