My DP1 CAS Goals

My CAS Goals

I think the main goal of CAS is achieving balance in the midst of hectic IB. CAS- creative, activity and service- acts as a personal well-being check, to ensure that you don’t drown under the weight of 6 academic subjects. In many ways, I am so grateful for CAS, forcing me to commit to skills that will be beneficial outside of the classroom. There are so many people who regret not learning piano or joining their football team during secondary school, but CAS doesn’t leave room for regrets as such. I think this is what makes IB so special: alongside containing a considerably difficult academic course, it also requires exterior interests.  Balance is an ability that is incredibly difficult to attain, but comes naturally to an IB pupil. It is our speciality, in fact.



This year I hope to be a leading figure in MUN. I am no longer a novice so I’d like to be even more proactive than before. In the past, my main mistake was lack of research,  a critical mistake, however this can be fixed. Time management has always seemed to get the better of me, but this year I am adamant to change that. A lack in organisational skills will not be the death of me!

In my opinion, it is so important to know about the world around you and witness present humanity. Even though the Rohingya crisis or the fight for Catalonian independence may not have a direct impact on your personal life, it is vital knowledge to expand your mindset. We only see and hear what is around us, inherently limiting our world view and opinions. Being in contact with the globe allows us to put our lives in perspective, something we all need but may not necessarily want: ignorance is bliss.

This is why I’m so passionate about MUN, reenacting global issues in our small community, and educating ourselves on the lives of others, around the world.


I have taken on the role of secretary in an intimate and exclusive Student Government Association. As a new student, it was quite bold to propose myself for, and I was pretty nervous, to say the least. Nonetheless, I plan on exercising this position to the very maximum, aiming to  benefit the school as much as possible. I have already constructed ideas and mechanisms that I would like to pioneer this year. All this talk, however, is pointless without organisational skills. This is going to serve as quite a challenge, especially for me, but I’d like to tackle it, and run. 


I have learnt Spanish and Chinese casually for some time, fostering an interest (obsession) with foreign TV shows. I’ve personally developed these languages as a pastime, and they’ve grown to an intermediate level of understanding, especially Spanish. I’d love to formalise this linguistic hobby, and even prepare myself for a language proficiency exam outside of school, such as the DELE certificate. I’ve always found it easier than most in absorbing languages, my grandmother even nicknaming me “Zabaan” which is the Gujurati expression for tongue, or more accurately as understanding of words. My national and ethnic identity getting lost in the folds of the many countries I’ve lived in have subconsciously induced a willingness to assimilate into any culture and language I’m surrounded by; the benefits of being a third culture kid.





I’ve played football competitively for many years, and hope to continue this year. Unlike swimming or athletics, football is a game, requiring not only athletic ability but also team, tactics and strategy. The combination of these aspects grant an incomparable feeling of thrill. There really is nothing like being in the middle of a match, adrenaline running high, as well as dopamine, surrounded by similarly high spirited opponents, everyone completely consumed by the ongoing game. I hope to particularly improve the strength of my kicks this year by focussing on body conditioning. This is a major disadvantage when playing on a full size pitch, whereas I’m more accustomed to smaller futsal sized fields. To adjust to OSC standards, I really need to focus on this crucial weakness and become a better player.


I’m new at badminton and have never played leisurely, let alone competitively. At the start of the DP course, I wanted to make an active effort in trying something completely new. I plan to train with some fellow classmates until the SAISA badminton season begins, and then hopefully practice within school. I’m excited to record my progress throughout the course and begin a new adventure.




Girls for girls 

Girls for girls is a service group exclusively for girls, axiomatically, in partnership with the Emerge centre, an association supplying relief for victims of sexual violence, an unfortunately common issue in Sri Lankan society. Every Thursday, the girls come to school, or we go to them, and we play games together. Although the experience seems so novel, I’m always weary of the trauma that these young women have undergone in their past. My interactions are natural but always carefully calculated. My Sinhala is very broken, however I am still able to communicate with the girls. I plan to improve my Sinhala greatly throughout the two years I will be in this service, so I can maximise my relationships with the girls. Service is very eye opening. I am able to interact with the community in places I wouldn’t normally be exposed to, especially as society has become so polarised. 

Beach clean ups

As an inhabitant of a coastline city, there is an inherent responsibility to care for the beaches. Every week or two weeks, there are organised beach clean ups in Colombo, that I plan to attend as much as possible over the next two years. The threat of climate change is becoming more and more tangible as time passes. In the presence of a common enemy, the global community of young people are wholesomely uniting, and I wish to stand with them. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, global warming activists are excessively students and children, who fear for their own futures, realising that caring for the planet is essentially caring for themselves.

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