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Figure 1. CAS Activity Day Run

With the extension of the distance learning program (DLP) after the Christmas break and the COVID-19 cases especially in Sri Lanka became much worse, school didn’t look like it was going to open for face to face (F2F) any time soon. During this period in the world, it is important to stay fit and healthy especially because staying fit and healthy not only significantly affects our mental health but also could potentially make us more prone to the severity of COVID-19. Over the whole lockdown period from about 6-7 months ago I started to become more invested in working towards staying more fit and healthy. I started going to the gym very often, and no this wasn’t a public gym that I was going to, we actually bought some equipment to make a small gym at home itself. (Figure 3. A bit of the equipment) After a couple of sessions I really enjoyed going to the gym for about an hour a day, and I would set myself strength challenges each week in terms of reaching an amount of weight or even reaching an amount of reps per weight. To this day I am still doing this, as personally it’s satisfying to see how much you can improve in a couple of months time. 6-7 months (May 2020) ago I was at a weight of 51kg exactly, and now in January 2021 I am at a weight of 59.4kg. This being the addition of majority muscle due to training 6-7 times a week. As stated previously I am still regularly doing this, but also most importantly doing some cardio when I get the chance to. I see that cardio is especially very important as it provides many benefits such as improving your whole cardiovascular system and mental health (release of endorphins). Over the CAS Activity Day especially, I managed to go for a run in the morning for a distance of about 1.80km in about 14mins as seen in Figure.1 . This definitely was not my fastest but after quite a bit of time not going for a run, I’d say that nevertheless it was good to go out for a run in my neighbourhood and catch a little bit of fresh air before going back onto online classes. Something that I want to improve my stamina in the case that SAISA begins. As we can see from Figure 2. That I took a lot of breaks and slowed down alot whilst running. This is something that I want to improve, and that I feel like it should be all more or less the same pace throughout. In the future I will also be working towards that.I think that overall setting small challenges throughout the process, and actually going to the gym and sticking to a routine really teaches you discipline and teaches you to be patient for results.

Figure 2. Run Stats


Figure 3. Gym Equipment

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