COMUN Quarterly Update!

With the uncertainty of COMUN being in person or virtually we still have to be prepared to lean either way if the opportunity comes up. Last week on friday, the COMUN EXCO and the tech team,

Figure 1. Tech Sponsor Zoom Meeting

talked to a possible technology/marketing sponsor. It’s not like we need the sponsor to do all our work, but during this tough time, COMUN could use a good sponsor but also use a good company who could work with the tech team to help us with the conference calls, etc. As of right now, we the tech team have finished the website correction for this year (2021), finished making the email directory, but waiting on the chairs to send in their study guides so that I will be able to put it up on the website. The correction of the website took me a bit of time because there are many many

Figure 1.
Figure 2. Website files

pages on the website, and each of these pages contain over 100 pages of code which I have to go through and change all the dates and the names of each of the EXCO members. As we can see in figure 2, this is how the website really looks like, and this is all translated into a browser. Each of these files contain vital information for the website to work as one, as if one piece of code is wrong it may mess up the whole website. There is still one small error with the website that needs fixing and also there are things that I need to add which will be added when I receive the resources. There are many things to talk about such as the formatting of the study guides using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop but we have only scratched the surface of that and will be talked about later. Im sure this COMUN Journey holds something very useful especially for the fact that I am able to meet new people, but also learn new things such as web development. It is still unknown to whether the conference will be held in person, or virtually, but whichever way that we decide to go I’m sure it will be a great learning experience. (web:


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