Activity at Home

Activity especially when at home is very important not just to your physical wellbeing but also your mental wellbeing. Just before school closed due to COVID in grade 10, we were learning the benefits of activity on our mental health. And this stuck with me ever since as I saw how everything connected, because I would feel good after doing some activity, and on the days that I did not do any activity, it started to make me feel lazy and unmotivated. This made me to keep up the activity throughout the lockdown, but also during the time I do DLP. The other day, on friday, OSC gave the day off as a wellness day to go off our screens and do something outdoors. I used that time to go out for a 1.3km run which was moderately fast
paced, but I definitely had more in the tank. I had run around the neighbourhood so all the COVID Requirements we met and at the end of the day I mainly did it to better my mental health during DLP as the 8 hour screen days takes a huge toll mentally and physically. Other than running, everyday I make sure to workout with the gym that I have at home so it allows me to get active for more than 6 times per week, which more than the recommended. For me the exercise is also a lot about improving my skills which I could translate into sports and SAISA and working out everyday will hopefully improve my skills and also my mental wellbeing.


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