Updated CAS Goals.

Activity Goals

  1. During this year, I want to try out for the SAISA Basketball team as i’ve been doing it for the last couple of years to which it will show me commitment and perseverance to the sport. LO4. Basketball also being a team sport will help me improve my collaboration skills within my friends especially and also other players from different grades. (LO5). And to do well in basketball we need to be able to play well as a team, and therefore having good collaborative skills is handy. One of the main reasons I like to do basketball every year is that it helps me improve on my weaknesses but also get me to further touch up on my strengths. (LO2).
  2. As the time of COVID still dawns upon us, I will have to keep my fitness up during the stay at home. As I’ve got a lot of equipment at home to build muscle, I would like to gain around 4 more kgs of muscle in the next 5-6 months. This seems like a achievable goal and I will be tracking it using Myfitnesspal where I will be checking my raw weight every morning and creating a graph from it.

Creativity Goals

  1. Just like SAISA Basketball, COMUN is another commitment that I make sure to do every year which not only shows my perseverance to the activity but also improves my planning skills due to the fact that I’m going to try out for EXCO which I participated in last year. (LO4). The EXCO is very different to the normal COMUN procedures because when you join the EXCO you are given a role to play. And last year I was the head of media, which meant that I had to do all the editing for the pictures, work with different people and also gain a lot of knowledge on where I have to work better for the next year. This goal of making it into the COMUN EXCO team was more or less an easy goal as I have the endorsements from last year which boosts my chances of getting in. I am officially a part of the COMUN EXCO team as the Head of Technology therefore my goal is completed. But I have decided to update my goals for creativity as the previous goal was a bit too easy. I will be aiming for the honorary award for the EXCO and in order to achieve this I will try my hardest to get the work done in time, and to the best of my ability.

Service Goals:

  1. One of my service goals is to join the checkmates service and hopefully also become one of the service leaders there. Working with the checkmates service group is something that I genuinely enjoy as I have fun working with the other members in the service but also I enjoy teaching the children to play chess. As it’s not only a challenge (LO2) but it also allows us to learn more about the game and makes the game more simplified so that even we understand it much better.

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