Pic1. COMUN Contact Directory, emails covered for privacy.

One of my biggest goals that I wanted to accomplish from last year as well was making it into the COMUN EXCO as the Head of Technology as the year previous to that I was the Head of Media. The role of Head of Technology comes with many responsibilities that I have to come up to. This includes running the website but also handling all the zoom links as we have

COVID restrictions. One other thing that the technology team has to look into is creating email cohorts for the different sections of COMUN. As we can see on the bottom left hand corner of the picture, we see the COMUN 2020 cohort where all the emails of the EXCO members are placed. I created this cohort using google contacts, and I went to each of the application forms of the members, took their e-

Our homepage HTML Code

mail address and placed them into the directory. This cohort makes it easier to send emails to the members as you dont have to physically type all the emails out, all you have to do is type in COMUN 2020 and it will show you the joint email. On the other hand, handling the website can become tedious at times, what we have to do to the website is change the times, dates, pictures, names, add in the study guides. This can become very tedious at times because we aren’t changing the website, like how we edit these CAS Blogs, we use HTML and host those files onto a school server. Changing the code on the HTML file takes a-lot of time and especially if you want to make a new page, it will take much longer as you have to entirely write a new code for

FTP Issue for hosting.

that page. Fortunately things like changing the names and the dates are much easier because all you have to do is go into the code and look for the date, and change it. Whilst for the pictures it’s the same, you just have to type the file info. Currently we have some problems with the school server, and we aren’t able to access it with the FTP which has to be attended to, quickly.

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