5K Home Run #2 – HOUSING & HABITAT

The Home Run is Housing & Habitat’s annual fundraiser. This time the run was postponed from the end of December to the beginning of February due to political events. It was beneficial for our service group as we were able to prepare more efficiently and use the t-shirts that Nehe and I made for our CAS Project to sell. As a service group we went around the route to mark post signs and to finalise the route before the event.

We had to plan for:

  • Supplies – bikes, water dispensers, tables, chairs
  • Refreshments – fruits
  • Route – measure the distance and how long it would roughly take to run the route
  • Stops – the number of people needed for each stop and how many stops we needed around the route
  • Truck – that would help us move around the route with supplies

The day began early as everyone had to be in school before 6:00am. Once we all arrived in school we realised that the water dispensers was not prepared. This was vital for our run as runners and dogs would be thirsty throughout the route. We managed to go to a near by supermarket and bought 12 water dispensers in time for the run. We then set 2 tables in the front porch where we would be able to sell our H&H t-shirts and lay out a counter for participants to pay. After that we all went to the truck to set up the signs and tables on each post on the route. At the same time each pair was put on each post while we dropped off the tables. Each post had at least 2 people with a water dispenser, cups, and a table with a chair. This left enough people to stay in OSC to help with organise t-shirts and collect money. In order to make the route clear there was 2 bikes that guided the runners throughout the run.

Personally, I thought that the run went smoother compared to last year. We managed to be fully prepared at the end and was well organised with refreshments and also was able to sell t-shirts that Nehe and I made for our CAS project. We also adapted to unexpected event such as the water dispenser incident. Positively, there were a lot of runners from SAISA teams that participated as well as parents, teachers, students, and a some dogs. The only complaint that we had was that we didn’t measure the distance of the route correctly as it was a new route from last year. It ended up being 6.7km which had some people more tired than usual. For next year we have to make sure that the route is correctly measured possibly with Strava map instead of using Google Maps.

Nehe’s advertising poster for Home Run

We were pleased that the t-shirts came on time so that we could sell them and collect participation entrees. This allowed us to raise a sufficient amount of money for supplies for the workshop as well as possible future projects.

Group pic of the finished runners. Photo by Gecko Net

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