Ginger vet experience + future

We decided to bring Ginger to the vet initially for spaying but we found out we had to do it later. It was somewhat difficult to put Ginger in our kennel so she could be moved. Eventually, it worked and I made sure to wear some gloves and a long-sleeved shirt as protection from any scratching. My dad had a camera going and this is a video of it

As mentioned earlier we wanted to spay her but we would have to wait as we needed to vaccinate her. It was advised by the vet, but without the vaccines, it was possible she would catch them during/after the surgery. So we gave her them and in about 2-3 weeks’ time we may try to bring her back. While we had taken care of her since around the beginning of March last year she has given birth to a total of 6 kittens and unfortunately, 2 passed away. They had brought much joy and love to our world but as my family and I are leaving we don’t want her to be alone to continue having litters as without our support it could be a cycle of life and death. I’ll always remember Tora and Sugar will try my best to make sure I take care of any kittens wherever I go. I learnt a great deal in both raising and trying to keep them alive.

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Rest In Peace Sugar May 2020 – You left a paw print on our hearts. Forever Loved


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Tora – You loved us since the beginning and we will love you till the end April 2020


If only I had done better



Backyard Cat family – New – goodbye

It has been going for a long time with new developments for the cat family. The biggest probably being that Ginger has very recently given birth to 3 new kittens. They are very fresh as they are still blind and cannot walk, much younger than we found Shiro and Chai

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She hides in our basement, being that there are many boxes down there. We make sure that the boxes are comfortable enough for them. we quite often make a nice bed for her with a towel but she always wants to stay somewhere else. However, the more important topic was giving Shiro and Chai away. We could afford all the pet food for them, but managing one mama cat, 2 young cats, and 3 kittens would be quite the ordeal. I decided a better idea of “advertising” them would be to reach out from school. Contacted Chloe who referred me to Ms. Francemone as she had a friend/teacher called Anna that was willing to take them. It was definitely sad for me to give them away after caring and raising them for so long, but I knew they would be in good hands with Anna, they had a much larger open area compared to our back yard, they also had a dog and judging from the conversation between my dad and her this dog did have experience with other cats/kittens. I am still in contact with them and I sometimes ask for little updates on their development, they were definitely scared of the new surrounding, as when we arrived and let them out they immediately hid under our car. Though I’m sure they’ll like it there

I may add or create new posts here if there are any big developments, one possibility is them becoming comfortable at their home. Anna and her husband made a small area to contain them at home, just so they can get used to their surrounding. I only gave them on the 7th of march, its a bit less than a week, but they seem to be getting more comfortable there.

This is a picture from Anna showing a certain place Shiro and Chai like to hang out

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Here are some pictures of them while I still owned them

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No description available.and just a few more kitten pics.


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Cat Family 1 (ongoing)

This is still an ongoing project, so there will most likely be many more to come


So for a long period of time, ive been feeding these 3 cats

the ginger cat is called ginger and the 2 kittens are Shiro and Chai. it’s not visible in this picture, but the main way you see if its Chai or Shiro, is the feet, as Shiro has white feet, and Shiro is the Japanese word for white.

We mostly take care for them on simple levels, usually food and some shelter underneat out sink, and sometimes in our basement. As this goes on there will be a variety of larger events, which eventually will get their own posts


Our very first medical activity was getting the two kittens to a nearby vet. They identified their gender, both male and they estimate they are around 6 weeks old. Definitely, the scare was that they were diagnosed as malnourished, as they weighed them on the scale and they were underweight. I, unfortunately, do not have pictures, as the vet under new covid rules, only allows one person to bring their pet, so I did not have my mom or dad to take pictures doing the process. In order to solve this, the vet recommended giving them soft food, and yogurt. which we have been doing over the week


3 Future ideas are:

getting the kittens their vaccination, when they were brought to the vet they were to young to get them, but its been 2 weeks since then, and they now should be old enough

Bringing ginger to the vet, first as a general check up, but also to find a source to a particular problem. Me and my mom observed how she drinks an abnormaly high amount of water, even for an adult cat. My mother thinks it may be something relating to her kidney, although we can try to find whats the problem, theres not much we can do to solve it

Getting the entire family spayed/neutered. We dont want the cat population to rise to much.

Violin Practice

On the 2nd of November, I had my first (online) violin lesson since perhaps march. over that time I did practice my usual pieces, but only recently I’ve started some new ones to keep it different. It is difficult in our current time to really give a direction to what I’m meant to practice, usually, I would practice scales, songs, and sight-reading for the ABRSM, however, there is really no idea when or if they will come here. I personally would not be surprised that by the time they come, they have released a new set of songs and scales for the curriculum, which in the tale would make my learning of the previous songs null. For now, I’m practicing a piece from the Suzuki Violin book 4. I felt that my sight-reading has gotten better, so I could play the beginning half of it.

For now, I am practicing it slower, as to not challenge myself. Depending on how I feel I am learning, I may also try practicing pieces that may have nothing related to the Suzuki book or anything formal. for example, there is a piece of music I am interested in. Dance Macabre      . However, I most definitely believe that I will play other pieces before taking this one, as it is particularly long, as well as, challenging as it has sections that require playing on two strings at once. Another problem which could also have a solution online is that it has a piano accompaniment

Below is an image of the online lesson we had

Change In physical Activity Running to Yoga

Although I find I do more walks than Yoga, I’d rather choose yoga to document. Although I do walks, I mainly just do it for outside time, and never have any real goals in mind, which makes the walk feel mundane and flat. However, I think yoga can help with that, as there will often be many poses that influence different parts of the body. With that, It can make my documentation easier, as I can explain what poses/activities I did and how it affects X body part. My mother is a yoga teacher and has a subscription for an online yoga site with many videos. from that, I can then search for different types of yoga classes, as they usually span of 30 minutes. Another advantage is that there are a varierty of yoga poses which are used in many classes, although often use they still have complexity to them which i can descrive. Unlike walking where its one type of walk, with not much to explain

Service Day 3

In today’s session, we first started by sorting outlasts times action. To do this we first looked over which ones could be done during this DLP, from there the multiple students could heart some of the activities, the ones which have more would be the ones that are loved, so most likely to do. From that, we then started to make individual groups of the hearted activities, where members then decide where to go. I joined the “green tips” group.

Since there is only me and another student in this green tips group, both of us can be considered the leaders, and we both are in charge of making them. Right now we are still in the process of brainstorming and making possible ideas. Some of our largest ideas are 4 different types of tips. they can vary in what area they are meant to affect, such as things for the environment, personal home, and other things. In order to make these different types clear is that the card they will be on, will have different backgrounds. With them, the students can easily understand the categories.

We also are still thinking about things in this conceptual stage. Our process so far is that we give ourselves questions about our tips, and try to think of answers for them. some questions are “how often will they appear in a week” “how complex/simple will our tips be” “will there be visuals.”

Service Day 2 – Reefkeepers

Firstly I forgot to join the first session, which is why this is 2. Firstly we did a variety of brainstorming ideas for the service. For example questions regarding certain questions. topics included Climate Effect, education/awareness, with questions of how well do people know about ____.

A long term project which was not present in the previous years is the eco-school goal. To sum it up it’s a global initiative, helping to create an eco-school. One large aspect is how it’s meant to be student-led, with adults and staff being supporters. Another factor that is almost professional is there is meant to be solid evidence. for example electric or water bills.

This is a large project, but other service groups may help with this. I do not remember the name, but near the end of today’s session, we joined a zoom call with another service group. In it were several students but also one adult who detailed this Eco-School project. I’m not sure if he was a teacher here, is from overseas, or something entirely different, but I’m sure we’ll see him and other service groups as well

Link to the topic:

CAS Goals

  • For art, I mainly want to improve my drawing skills. I both want to do it traditionally but also digitally. One main goal which I’ve worked on for a while is the human form, we never learned it in art class so I’ve been trying to learn it. another difference in doing it individually is that I want it to be more spontaneous. In Art class its often many many months of exploration and eventually 1 piece of art. while that time is useful I’d really like to do it more rapidly with more sketches and practices.
    • Drawing from self
      • using my own skills/knowledge
    • tracing/studying other pieces
      • get an impression of how X is or should be drawn
        • Study: Composition – Skeleton – construciton – rough outline – skeleton +
  • In the end, I want to make more stylized digital art and possibly animation. But I know the saying “you must learn the rules before you break them”


  • For Activity, I’ve decided primarily on 2 different exercises. The first being biking, on Sundays the government has started a rule that there would be a small section of the road dedicated to bikes. Our path is rather long starting from the WHO to almost school. as improvements, I could either increase the distance or trying to reach higher speeds. Unfortunately with monsoon season we often had to cut it short


  • for service,