Service Day 3

In today’s session, we first started by sorting outlasts times action. To do this we first looked over which ones could be done during this DLP, from there the multiple students could heart some of the activities, the ones which have more would be the ones that are loved, so most likely to do. From that, we then started to make individual groups of the hearted activities, where members then decide where to go. I joined the “green tips” group.

Since there is only me and another student in this green tips group, both of us can be considered the leaders, and we both are in charge of making them. Right now we are still in the process of brainstorming and making possible ideas. Some of our largest ideas are 4 different types of tips. they can vary in what area they are meant to affect, such as things for the environment, personal home, and other things. In order to make these different types clear is that the card they will be on, will have different backgrounds. With them, the students can easily understand the categories.

We also are still thinking about things in this conceptual stage. Our process so far is that we give ourselves questions about our tips, and try to think of answers for them. some questions are “how often will they appear in a week” “how complex/simple will our tips be” “will there be visuals.”

Service Day 2 – Reefkeepers

Firstly I forgot to join the first session, which is why this is 2. Firstly we did a variety of brainstorming ideas for the service. For example questions regarding certain questions. topics included Climate Effect, education/awareness, with questions of how well do people know about ____.

A long term project which was not present in the previous years is the eco-school goal. To sum it up it’s a global initiative, helping to create an eco-school. One large aspect is how it’s meant to be student-led, with adults and staff being supporters. Another factor that is almost professional is there is meant to be solid evidence. for example electric or water bills.

This is a large project, but other service groups may help with this. I do not remember the name, but near the end of today’s session, we joined a zoom call with another service group. In it were several students but also one adult who detailed this Eco-School project. I’m not sure if he was a teacher here, is from overseas, or something entirely different, but I’m sure we’ll see him and other service groups as well

Link to the topic:

Exercise Wellness day

During wellness day one of my physical activities was doing yoga with my mother. she has been trying to convince us for a while and she is a certified teacher so we started.

the main reason I started to do it was with one of my revelations. before I did yoga, I did do exercise with weights and exercise and grew up a bit. However, I sort of realized that I was healthy enough, not fat, bit athletic. So I decided rather than spending half an hour doing repetitive boring movements, I would do yoga as it feels more “fresh” while still being challenging and good for the body. The day after this my triceps were a bit sore

CAS Goals

  • For art, I mainly want to improve my drawing skills. I both want to do it traditionally but also digitally. One main goal which I’ve worked on for a while is the human form, we never learned it in art class so I’ve been trying to learn it. another difference in doing it individually is that I want it to be more spontaneous. In Art class its often many many months of exploration and eventually 1 piece of art. while that time is useful I’d really like to do it more rapidly with more sketches and practices.
    • Drawing from self
      • using my own skills/knowledge
    • tracing/studying other pieces
      • get an impression of how X is or should be drawn
        • Study: Composition – Skeleton – construciton – rough outline – skeleton +
  • In the end, I want to make more stylized digital art and possibly animation. But I know the saying “you must learn the rules before you break them”


  • For Activity, I’ve decided primarily on 2 different exercises. The first being biking, on Sundays the government has started a rule that there would be a small section of the road dedicated to bikes. Our path is rather long starting from the WHO to almost school. as improvements, I could either increase the distance or trying to reach higher speeds. Unfortunately with monsoon season we often had to cut it short


  • for service,