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As per my other CAS blogs, I mentioned keeping a journal in order to look back in the future on how I lived life during COVID times. It became difficult to keep track of my journal and remember to put pictures as well as text, so I changed my idea upon finding an app titled One Second. From January 1st 2021, I took one second videos of every single day of my life until now. So far, I have not missed a day, and even now, in March, looking back at what I was doing in January has been extremely fun. This has made me realize my values for friendships and my family, as I see how much they are a part of my daily life. My creative side has been put to use as I always reflect on each day what I would take a video of, fixing lighting, angles, to capture my favorite second of my day. This links to my last creativity CAS post, where I spoke of photography as a way to capture moments. Switching to short videos for me was a great idea as it helped me capture more of my surrounding, sounds, more colors, which overall added more emotion and excitement to the process.



This screenshot is of the end of February, going into the beginning of March. Most of the clips are with my family, as due to online school I usually stay home. Some of the clips include friends or scenery that inspired me to use for my video. This was both a solitary activity as well as a group one, since I was the one who had to remember the daily videos, it motivated me to do at least one productive throughout the day, including clips of me studying, going to the gym, spending quality time with my family and much more. The idea of the group idea was that at moments, it gathered a crowd, or multiple friends, which for them also made them feel in the moment, and add onto the happiness of the group. Personally, I wish I had done this every year for the last few years, it had inspired me to make closer connections, to learn how to take videos of special moments that I wish to remember forever, and inspired my creativity in terms of videography.

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