Music Production

During DP1 for my creativity I said that I started to work on music, specifically the production side. This is because this is something that I have always had an interest in, and I though that it would be a good creative outlet . Music is something that has always interested me greatly, I was especially fascinated by the production process and finding out all the components necessary to create a beat. Music has had a large influence on me, so I felt that if I was going to commit to a creative task it was the perfect avenue to do so. At first I was overwhelmed with the process of music production, especially in regard to the the software associated with it. It took me a long time to get used to the software, however thanks to the sheer amount of tutorials on youtube it was just a matter out taking time to work on it. As well as learning how to structure instruments together and making the whole beat sound cohesive.

Since my last post on creativity, I think that I have made significant progress in improving the skills necessary with music production. I have made a total of 12 beats since then, a few of which are attached here. I think that I have had a lot of improvement during these last few months, and I’m happy with how most of my beats have turned out however there I still a long way to go in this aspect. This is definitely something that I want to continue doing, because as I said before it’s something that I have a great interest in. I think ways for me to improve further would be to start setting goals for myself to follow up on, the first of which for example is trying to make a beat every week. I tried to do this when I first started however I found it challenging to manage due to the fact that I was still getting used to the software. I think this will definitely help my progression and I look forward to seeing what I can do the next time I check in for my semester 2 creativity post.

Learning Outcomes

CAS has given me a great opportunity to work and explore something that I have had a great interest it, and I’m happy with where its gotten me. I think throughout this whole process I have managed to engage with a variety of CAS learning outcomes. Firstly I think that one of the strongest learning outcomes that I have experienced is showing perseverance and commitment. Through the early stages of the process I definitely found it to be challenging and overwhelming, this was due to the fact of getting used to a new interface and other external factors such as school. However I think that me being able to commit to it has been extremely beneficial and I think that I have gained a lot from it and it’s something that I’am proud off. Another aspect of the CAS learning outcomes that I think I have touched are being challenges and learning new skills. This whole process has been challenging as I threw myself it to a unfamiliar situation, however whilst it may have been challenging it was also something that I thoroughly enjoyed and I think that I have gained a lot from this experience such as learning and applying new skills (like song structure and learning to play unfamiliar instruments) . I look forward to the ways in which I can be further challenged as well as gaining and developing more skills in the area.

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