DP 2 CAS Goals

We as the class of 2021 are in a unique position in which we are in a time of constant uncertainty due to the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. Thankfully the situation in Sri Lanka isn’t as dire as it is in some of the other parts of the world, in addition I’m grateful for OSC’s ability to adapt to the on going situation and being able to continue giving us an education on campus with as many face to face classes as possible. Due to the fact that many of the new teachers aren’t able to travel into the country as precautions placed on air travel prevent them from entering the country, resulting in majority of our classes being conducted through zoom. As a result of the on going pandemic a wide variety of restrictions have been enforced in order to mitigate the effects of Covid 19. These include the removal of contact sports within schools, being in a close proximity of other people in a concealed environment, and all gatherings being limited to having no more than 10 people. Sri Lanka has been under strict restrictions over the past few months however the country is slowly starting to open up again however there is still a risk of the virus spreading, as a result strict restrictions must be enforced. While my final year may prove to be a challenge, I’m sure that I can get through this as well as keeping up with my CAS goals, and also reflecting on my previous goals.


Last year for creativity I took part in the Colombo Model United Nations, which was an enjoyable and challenging experience. It was my main focus for creativity for majority of the year as it took up a lot of our time with things such as attending all of the practice debates, as well as the final 3 day formal conferences. In the end I found it to be a very reward experience and I managed to win an award for the best news agency within my IPC committee as well as producing the best article scoring a 27/30. I was planning on taking part in COMUN this year as well however this year it is going to be quite challenging to continue as a result of the Covid 19 situation. However over the summer I tried to find other ways of showing and expressing creativity, I started to take online music course’s to learn beat production. This was a very enjoyable experience and is something that I look forward to pursuing in the future. Furthermore me and my economics classmates organised a very successful fundraiser to help mitigate the effects of Covid 19 on Sri Lanka. This being apart of our CAS project which I will be writing another post on shortly, talking about the organization and the process of how it came together. Though at the moment I only have one creativity goal set which is focused on continuing learning beat production, however throughout the year I will be exploring more options and more outlets to engage in creativity, most of which are restricted due to the prevailing situation.


Similarly to last year I will focus on badminton and the gym as my main source of activity. Sadly I couldn’t take part in SAISA badminton as a result of Covid 19. In addition going into DLP didn’t make engaging in activity any easier however I tried to do as much as possible through following a home work out routine. Thankfully though the gym’s started to open up around early July and I started to get into the habit of attending the gym at least three times a week. I followed this up until the start of school and I aim to continue it to the best of my ability as it was something that I came to enjoy. My main goal for this year in terms of activity is to continue going to the gym as well as going back to badminton training. Even though we may not have SAISA this year I still want to pursue training as not only is it extremely enjoyable but it is also a great outlet for activity. I have been doing basic training over the summer doing activities such as practicing back hand and serving techniques, however now that the country is starting to slowly open up I’am going to go back to lessons.


As a result of the on going pandemic, OSC has suspended all service activities. I’m still unsure when housing and habitat will be resumed, this is quite frustrating as I was finally able to be selected as a service leader, but I remain uncertain when we will be able to get back to work. I was looking forward toward service this year however we simply have to adjust to the on going situation around us. While service may be suspended in the mean time I aim to engage in other potential opportunities in our school and community. Towards the end of DP 1 I had my own project within Housing and Habitat where I would use the left over pieces of wood (from the chairs & tables) to make jenga sets and donate them to the local school’s as well as having a jenga stall for food & fun fair. Even though we aren’t able go into our workshop, I still want to work on the advertising such as posters for the food & fun fair and getting in contact with the local schools. In addition also working on the packaging for the jenga sets.

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