Creativity In DLP

Through the course of the distance learning program (DLP) I tried to find ways to engage in creativity. However the one that I found to be the most enjoyable was music more specifically making beats for songs. I started watching more and more videos on music and I started to get really interested especially with the creation aspect. This was something that I only recently got into, at first it was a bit overwhelming because there were so many different factors to account for when making a successful beat. In addition another challenging aspect that I found when engaging in this activity was also the fact that the software required is also very complicated and complex. Even the most user friendly software is still extremely complex, the learning curve to the software and all the other facts that’s needed was something that I did find to be pretty difficult. The main software that I’m using is called Fruit Loops Studio (FL Studio), getting used to the software and learning what everything does takes a lot of time, however the multitude of tutorials  on YouTube really were useful and helped me out a lot.

                                                Screenshot Of FL Studio’s Software

I still have a lot more to learn when it comes to be able to make a successful beat, but another activity that I found to be really helpful when learning how to make a beat was practice. I spent a long time just messing around with all the various types of samples, instruments, and synths, this has been very effective as it does help you understand everything that’s going on in the tutorials much easier. My goal by the end of the summer is to be able to make good and enjoyable beats or songs and I look forward to posting them on my blogs. As the more I research and spend time on music the more I get a deeper interest though it may be very challenging its still something I want to pursue even for the sake of a hobby.

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