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One of my main goals for this year was to be more physically active, over the course of the year I did become more and more physically active. In fact another goal that I had was to make it onto the SAISA badminton team, however due to the prevailing situations with Covid-19 we weren’t able to participate in SAISA. On that topic the outbreak of the recent pandemic, it has effected my physical activity. With gyms closing and curfew being imposed it did limit the amount of physical activity that we could actually do. However with the help of the internet I was able to find a lot of home work outs that I could do. When researching I found an app call 7, which is a app that focuses on easy workouts which can be done at home, like the name suggest it aims for people to try 7 minute workouts (however the time can be adjusted to your preference) everyday.  The app gives you multiple goals that you can choose from such as getting fit, losing weight etc. and after selecting your goal it gives you a personalized home workout.


(Photos showing the different exercises and circuits from the app)

As shown from the images above you can see the various types of activities that the app gives which are all specialized around a given goal (in my case it was weight loss). The circuits can be changed, this is if you get bored from doing the same thing over and over again. The circuits can vary depending on how long you plan on doing the workout for, in this case it shows the circuits for a 45 minute session. The schedule I set for this app was to do 3 days of exercise for 1 hour each every week. I have been sticking to the schedule that was set and so far I have managed to lose 1.1 kilograms. I’m happy with my progress however I still have a long way to go, thankfully however gyms are starting to reopen so hopefully I can start doing more cardio and weights. I still maintain the goal I set out for myself of being more physically active and hopefully try and increase my level of physical activity from 3 to 5 days a week over the summer break.

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