On the 23rd of April, the service which I am a part of, Housing and Habitat along with Care For Paws hosted the 2022 Home Run. This activity was an oppurtunity for us to raise money for the service group which we are planning to use in order to fulfill our initial service goal which is to help a nearby local school by providing them with basic infrastructure.

Poster For Homerun 2022 Created By The Service Group

The first step was ensuring that all of the seniors involved in the home run were at school by 6.30 to set up and be prepared which meant that we all had to get up at 5.30, highlighting our commitment. Once we arrived at school, we made sure that the truck was packed with all of the required items for the water and direction stops and we also put up print outs of the route. As I was the designated “accountant”, I was in charge of collecting money and it was around 7.45 when our first customers begain to arrive. By 8.15 everyone who wanted to run had paid the required fee and the crowd was ready to set off. At this point, I left school and headed by car to my designated stop, water stop 4.

Homerun Route Map With Stops

When I reached the stop, Josh and I began to set up in preperation for the runners by readying cups of water. Surprisingly we didn’t have to wait as long as I had expected as only around 15 minutes later, the first set of runners began to appear however we didn’t need to do much as the majority of them were so focused on doing well that they didn’t want to waste time on water. Over the next 30-45 minutes we served many different people as well as dogs and quicker than I had thought, we were already on the van heading back to school.

Josh And I At Our Water Stop (Credit: Mr. Leblanc)

Overall Homerun was an extremely fun experience as well as a success. We managed to raise a lot of money for charity and we also managed to work together as a service group to provide an efficient and smooth Homerun. Due to the lack of mishaps this year and knowing what we can do to improve, I am certainly looking forward to next years Homerun.

May be an image of 14 people and people standing
Group Photo Of Everyone Involved In Homerun (Credit: Event Photographer)

Learning Outcomes:

Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience: Through multiple service sessions and hours of careful planning, this skill was really demonstrated as we managed to successfully plan and then follow through on that plan by initiating Homerun 2022.

Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively: While we were planning and initaing Homerun 2022, it was fairly obvious that the only way that we would manage to get work done efficiently and quickly is if we were to work as a group.

Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance: The money raised from this event will be organised to be used efficiently to combat the global issue of lack of infrastructure in rural areas. The Homerun itself also helped increase excercise among individuals.

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