WWW Venture North Cycling Day 4 and 5

Day 4

On day 4 we all set out at 8 AM on our ride to Pidurangala. The ride was fairly short as we planned to finish climbing Pidurangala before lunch. Once we arrived at Pidurangala, we had to don our long clothes as we passed through a temple before the climb began (in my case, it was a sarong). It took us around 30 minutes to climb up Pidurangala and even though it was a bit tiring, the view once we got to the top was 100% worth it. After admiring the beauty atop Pidruangala we headed straight to lunch where we reflected upon our experience on top of Pidurangala.


Cycling To Pidurangala! (Credit: Mr. Peter)



Enjoying The View Atop Pidurangala (Credit: Mr. Peter)


Eating Lunch After The Tiring Climb (Credit: Mrs. Jackson)


Following lunch we proceeded to ride home and as we were passing a herd of cows I decided to greet a young calf by saying “Hi cow.”. This was not the wisest decision because as soon as I uttered those words, the cow started running next to me. Screaming, I stepped on the brakes and allowed the cow to cross the road just a few feet in front of me. It is fair to say that I will not be saying hi to cows anytime soon. We reached camp where we cooled off in the river, packed, ate dinner and participated in a game of trivia, the entertainment provided by Group 2.


Map Of The Ride To And From Pidurangala (Credit: Mr. Grady)


Day 5

On the final day after breakfast, we loaded the van with our bags, and proceeded on our final ride. The 32 KM ride took us along the absolutely magnificent Elahera Canal and the ride was only improved by a slight drizzle which was kind enough to cool us while we were cycling. Once the ride was complete and we got off our cycles for the final time, there was a general sense of achievement among us all as well as a definite pang of regret that the trip was over so soon. Overall the WWW Venture North Cycling Trip was an unforgettable experience that not only broadened my horizon but was extremely invigorating and entertaining.


The Beautiful View From Our Cycling Path (Credit: Mr. Peter)


Cycling Along The Canal (Credit: Mr. Peter)


Cycling Through The Paddy… (Credit: Mr. Peter)


Map Of The Final Ride (Credit: Mr. Grady)


Learning Outcomes:

Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions: While on top of Pidurangala, not only did we greatly appreciate the view, but while we were up there completely awestruck by the beauty we realised the importance of ensuring that there was a view like this to appreciate for the future generations. During the entire trip one valuable skill we learnt was how to manage our garbage in order to protect the surroundings.



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