WWW Venture North Cycling Day 3

Day 3

We began day 3 by as usual waking up to the sound of nature at 6.30 AM and we were ready to leave BOB by 8 AM for our ride into Sigiriya town and then to a remote village location where we were to receive a cooking lesson on how to prepare a traditional Sri Lankan rice meal. Although unfortunately we were not able to get extremely hands on in the cooking as a precaution for COVID, but we were still able to learn a lot about the different types of ingredients used to prepare the meal as well as the entire process, to state the obvious, when the meal was served it was absolutely delicious.


Cycling Through The Picturesque Paddy Fields Of Sigiriya (Credit: Mr. Peter)


Contrast Between The Treacherous Path That I’m Cycling On And The Beautiful Background (Credit: Mr. Peter)


Photo Taken During The Cooking Lesson (Credit: Mrs. Jackson)


The Food We Received. Yum! (Credit: Mr. Peter)


Map Of Our Ride To Sigiriya And Then To The Cooking Lesson (Credit: Mr. Grady)


After the wonderful food that we received there was a general consesnus among the group that the best activity to do now would to just lie down and sleep inside the cool mud hut where the cooking lesson had taken place. Unfortunately this genius idea was very quickly turned down by the teachers and so we all jumped on our bicycles again to cycle back to BOB. Fortunately we took a different route back and therefore it was only a short 9 KM ride. After a couple of hours of downtime, we left on a short nature trek around BOB which was to be led by BOB staff member Callum. During the trek we learnt a lot about the variety of the nature surrounding us. Following the nature trek when we returned to camp my group and I decided to begin planning the entertainement factor for the night as that was what we would be providing. After a lot of ideas were put forth and rejected we finally decided upon trivia which if I were to say so, turned out to be a great success among the rest of our trip members.


Taking A Small Rest Before Turning Onto The Road That Would Take Us Back Into Camp (Credit: Mr. Peter)


Map Of The Cycle Ride Back To Camp (Credit: Mr. Grady)


Callum Informing Us About The Upcoming Nature Trek (Credit: Mrs. Jackson)


Example Of What We Had To Endure During The Nature Trek (Credit: Mrs. Jackson)


Map Of The Nature Trek (Credit: Mr. Grady)


Learning Outcomes:

Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance: While going on the nature trek we were educated on issues of global significance such as pollution, deforestation and the importance of ensuring that we appreciated and kept trying to care for nature.

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