Photographing Birds

I am fortunate enough to live in an area of Sri Lanka which is surprisingly rich with wildlife for a metropolitan city. Today while I was just relaxing on my balcony as I sometimes do, I saw at least 5 different species of birds fly past me in the same minute and I decided that it might be a good idea to get my camera out and take a few pictures of the birds.

Unfortunately, my bright idea did not immediately come to fruition as when I brought my camera out, I saw to my horror that the battery was dead, so instead of being able to take pictures of a vast multitude of bird species, I had to settle for just two different species as by the time there was enough charge it was late in the evening and most of the birds which I had seen during the evening had decided to fly away.

The first picture which I took was of a brown-headed barbet, a common sighting in my garden. It had flown onto a singular branch in the open and was a majestic sight however by the time I got the battery in my camera it had flown into a slightly dense thicket but I still managed to get a decent picture.

Brown-headed Barbet (Taken With My Nikon DSLR Camera)

The second and final species of bird which I decided to take a picture of was the Brahminy Kite. This bird is extremely common in Sri Lanka however I decided to take a picture of it as the bird which I saw was fairly large. I first took a few pictures of it flying however as I was below the bird and it was fairly sunny the picture which I took was more like a silhouette. I decided that I would wait until it decided to rest in a tree which turned out to be a good decision. It landed on a tree quite far away which meant that I had to change the lens of the camera and I for sure thought that while I was doing this the kite would fly away as my luck had been quite bad throughout the day, but for once the fates weren’t against me and I managed to take some nice pictures of the bird.

Silhouette of the Brahminy Kite (Taken With My Nikon DSLR Camera)
Brahminy Kite Resting in The Tree (Taken With My Nikon DSLR Camera)








Learning Outcomes:

Identify your own strengths and develop areas for personal growth: Today I found out that one of my strengths was using my steady hands to take unblurry and focused photos. One area which I developed for personal growth was using a long range lense as I had never used one before, however today I decided to use one for the pictures of the Brahminy Kite and I feel like I have improved on this aspect of photography. 

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