Redesigning a Football Jersey (Real Madrid)

Today I decided that I was going to contribute to my creativity goal by redesigning my first kit using Adobe Photoshop. I picked the Real Madrid 2nd kit because personally Real Madrid is my favourite club and I really like the 2021/22 2nd kit. After finding a suitable image to base my design off, I opened Adobe Photoshop and got to work.

Original Real Madrid 2021/22 2nd Kit

I initially started with just a green base kit. This type of kit is extremely helpful because I can change it to any colour that I want and add different layers on top of it. After creating this kit, I decided that the colour scheme which I was going to use on the kit was pink and purple. I created a dark purple and light purple gradient which I changed the base colour of the kit to. I then proceeded to add the logos as well as the Plaza de cibeles design which is the main design used on the kit. After adding all of these, I set to work on adding different dark purple and light purple gradient overlays to these objects in the kit.

Green Base Kit
Kit With Just The Design and Logos Completed

After changing the colours of the kit design and logos, I began working on the collar and shoulder stripes of the kit. I decided that I was going to use a light pink gradient for this section as the collar and shoulder stripes of the kit are meant to stand out. I then wanted to make the kit look 3D so I created a texture folder to go on top of the kit with elements such as linear burns and hard light to highlight the contours and shadows of the kit so that it was 3D. After this step I was officially done with the kit and all I had to do was make the background a dark purple and light purple gradient, and add my name in the bottom right corner as a signature of my work!

Final Version of the Real Madrid 2nd Kit Redesigned

Learning Outcomes:

Identify your own strengths and develop areas for personal growth: I learnt that one of my strengths was selecting colours as well as identifying different patterns to be utilized for kit design. One area which I developed in was my colour mixing as even though I was fairly adept at using this feature, I feel like I have grown through designing this kit. 

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