COMUN 2021: Delegate Workshop, PD1, and PD2

Delegate Workshop

In preparation for the COMUN 2021, we needed to ensure that all of the potential delegates for the conference are well aware of  and understand the processes of COMUN. This is where the Delegate Workshop comes in. Each year, a Delegate Workshop is held in-person. However, COVID-19 restrictions meant that it would be put into a digital format this year. As a result, the Tech Team was called for this job, specifically Media. Anargi, our Secretary General, set up a filming date for us, where us and all of the other EXCO members would need to prepare and film a video for each of the 7 committees. Alongside the Tech Team was our old friend Calvin, who provided us with the necessary equipment, expertise, and assistance with filming the video.

The filming process was extremely time consuming, as we filmed from from approximately 8-9 A.M. to 4 P.M with a 30-45 minute lunch break in between. The most difficult part about filming the videos was the fact that a majority of the EXCO had either not prepared a set of lines, or were not proficient enough to memorise them completely. Because of the amount of perfectionism present within the vicinity, we took at least 5-6 takes of each group. We needed to be very patient, as we had to keep our hands still and steady at all times for the camera. This is an excellent demonstration of LO4, as filming a video can be extremely exhausting and tedious. Especially in these circumstances, we were required to be extremely perseverant with our work in order for us to successfully create the video. The second learning outcome that this experience provided was LO5. We all realised that while the Media team was responsible for this project (Olly and I), the entire Tech Team joined the efforts and assisted us, and I was even able to recruit Calvin as an honorary member of the Tech Team. I was able to recognise the abilities of my colleagues and collaborate in order to finish this project successfully.  Finally, I was able to identify LO1 within this CAS experience as well, as it allowed for me  to identify my weaknesses as a cameraman, especially when it came to being familiar with camera settings and adjustments. I also believe that I need a bit of  improvement when it comes to being able to hold a camera steadily for long periods of time. Some of the strengths that I believe this experience helped me to identify was my ability to improvise when it came to shooting the videos, as there were many situations where I needed to come up with unconventional methods of filming in order to be successful. One instance was when Anargi had forgotten her lines, and I went in right underneath the camera in order to provide her with her script to read as she continued to look directly into the camera, allowing for a smooth and efficient shot.

Some photos of Delegate Workshop Filming Day

Once the filming commenced, it was time for editing the video. As Head of Media, it was my responsibility to handle enormous projects such as this one, and it didn’t help that Anargi had requested for me to edit all of the footage into one large video, which made the editing process even more chaotic. There was a specific list of order that was required of me, meaning that I would have to look through all of the hours of footage that we collected in order to mark them as satisfactory or poor for the sake of organisation. Once I had all of the usable clips into one folder, I began my editing sequence. In order to make the video appear as professional, I needed to create a certain format. As a result, I believed it would be best to obtain a vision for my work first before heading into it. This organisation and brainstorming process provides a perfect connection towards LO3, as this process was crucial to the success of the project. Video editing without organisation often leads to poor quality footage.


This was an example of the animation and graphic that I needed to create. I used the COMUN logo and cropped it into a circular shape and used it similar to a company logo. Furthermore, I utilised a graphic similar to a news broadcast in order to present each EXCO member in an emphatic and official manner.


Editing the video took around a total of 6-8 hours. This was extremely difficulty, as this video was required to be of extremely high quality and professionalism, meaning that I wouldn’t be able to take any shortcuts or place any faulty clips or animations. The total length of the final video came down to around 45 minutes from the hours of footage that we initially collected. This is able to demonstrate LO4, as I needed an immense amount of discipline and dedication in order to complete this video in order to make my deadline.


This is the screenshot of what the video looked like fully edited. As seen here, there was an abundance of editing that needed to be done, especially with the large amount of cuts and transitions that needed to be made to make the EXCO look as professional as possible.

This is the link towards the final video, which was posted on the official COMUN Youtube Channel and was viewed by over 300 of this year’s delegates in training.



Initially, the COMUN EXCO began to debate on the software that we should use to host our meetings for both PD1 and PD2 and the final conference this year. We examined the pros and cons of softwares such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets and even Discord (Olly’s idea of course). We were able to provide valuable input as the Tech Team, and we realised that if we just used OSC accounts to start meetings, we would be able to have all the time allocations and flexibility we need to run everything smoothly.

Our job as the Tech Team during PD1 was very brief. The main thing that we had to do was provide the Zoom meetings for the conference calls, as we have our school accounts which allow for unlimited Zoom Meetings. I was specifically in charge of getting the WHO meeting up and running, which I had to coordinate with the two Heads of the committee.



PD2 went very similar to how PD1 went, with the addition of this time we were tasked with filming some of the EXCO in order to provide any needed documentation in the near future. We once again called upon Calvin for this, who was able to lend us a camera and we went around the venue capturing the Chairs and their committees.



Both PD1 and PD2 provided extremely valuable learning outcomes for this CAS experience. Having to plan and coordinate this experience with other COMUN members is able to demonstrate LO3 and LO5, as we wouldn’t have been able to be successful without prior planning and the contributions of all the other hardworking EXCO members. I found myself collaborating and planning in a different range of environments, and with people I had never met before. It was a really good opportunity for me to collaborate and plan outside of my comfort zone. Overall, the preparations that the Tech Team and the entire EXCO as a whole made for this year’s conference were both extremely challenging and stressful at times. This preparation was able to demand many challenges out of myself, and was a very thorough and beneficial CAS experience.



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