COMUN Community Service Project

The COMUN media team has been assigned to assist the Community Service group in raising money for the COMUN outreach program. This program takes place annually, with every conference sparking a new effort in contributing to our community. I the previous year, COMUN assisted in donating school supplies to children in need. This year, our efforts will have us assisting OSC’s very own service groups. Specifically, the RCCI, SOS Village, and Hope for Kids. Additionally, we will also be making efforts to contribute to CandleAid Lanka and WIN FOR HER by Women in Need, two charities suggested by the Head of Community Service. In contributing to these services, this activity can be connected to LO6. We also debated the way in which we should go about with the program, as in previous years there were awards given to schools for their contributions. However, we all agreed that awarding those for community service was extremely unethical and counter-productive towards the entire idea of service and volunteering, which connects to LO7. As a result, we realized that we needed to go about another method in order to motivate and encourage community service amongst the schools in COMUN. Due to the pandemic, there are very few physical ways for us to be able to fundraise or plan events such as bake sales, meaning we will need to be able to convince people in a digital space.


The role of the media team within all of this is to assist the community service group with branching out towards the other schools participating in COMUN and promoting this project, with the aim of garnering more donations from everyone. The first initiative that we took was to create a social media account in order to begin promoting the Outreach Program. We ultimately settled on using Instagram, as it has quite the reach and gives you the opportunity to purchase advertisements on the platform for an abundance of people to see.




This is currently what we’ve created so far. While we’ve laid down some of the groundwork for the project, we will need to build off of it now.


Now that we’ve created the Instagram account, we will need to create content for us to post.  Specifically, advertising posters and videos that will highlight the benefits of contributing to those in need and supporting a good cause. By coordinating our efforts with the Head and Deputy Head of Service Overall, we will hopefully be successful in this. I think this project will be a great addition to what I am already doing for service. It allows for me to also work with others, including those who go to other schools in Colombo, which connects to LO5.

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