First GeckoNet Projects

On our first meeting of GeckoNet, our leaders, Vinuda and Praneeth, set us out on an introductory project with the aims of showcasing our abilities as editors and creators. They had given us photos and videos to use beforehand, however since I was in the midst of making one of my COMUN videos, I realized it would be best to just submit that since making two videos in such a short span of time would be very tedious. As a result, I submitted the video that I made for one of the COMUN committees.


Our next project was to create a video for the IBWell Fridays, with each member of the service group being assigned a specific grade level to cover. The grade level that I was assigned was MYP5, which was actually very convenient as MYP5 had taken an abundance of pictures that were all very diverse and intriguing. Making the video only took me around an hour to complete, as it didn’t require too much advanced editing as it was almost the equivalent of making a slideshow of pictures. I also made sure that all the photos used that weren’t as intuitive to understand included a label or description that the student provided alongside it.

My contribution to the IBWell Friday Video


My final GeckoNet task was very short-lived, as I was required to look for any media that was taken from the DP1 MYP graduation ceremony. Unfortunately, there was none to be found and I was only able to acquire the actual presentation itself. As a result, my involvement in the 2020 recap video played at the assembly before Winter break was minimal.


Being in GeckoNet this semester has been a very brief but eventful experience, and I hope that next semester we will be able to embark on additional projects such as the commencing of Gecko News, which I was a part of in the previous school year.



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