DP1 CAS Goals


The creativity goal that I have set for myself relates to COMUN, as I have been selected for the position of Head of Media this year. Regardless of the doubts as to whether COMUN will be held online or in person this year, there are still many goals that I must set for myself in order to ensure that I am able to be as effective as I can in organizing the event. This will be a year-long commitment and I will need to attend meetings every Tuesday after school. There are many tasks that I have to accomplish that will utilize creative skills such as creating 7 videos for each of the committees, which will require me to spend a significant amount of time to put together and edit.

Another goal that I have has to do with my music progress, specifically within guitar. I have been playing the guitar for 9 years, with my area of expertise being in classical guitar. However, I hope to be able to learn another genre, which is jazz. Jazz guitar requires you to implement and polish many skills that you would not find or need in other genres. As a result, it will help me to become a much more versatile musician. Furthermore, I also believe that learning jazz guitar will improve my knowledge on music theory substantially. My goal is to be able to play 2 jazz standards fluently by the end of the year, whether it be a prewritten solo or an improvisation.


The goals that I had originally set for myself involved training for SAISA Football and Basketball for this season, however in this current situation these goals look very unlikely to be accessible. As a result, I have decided to put it upon myself to improve my fitness and bring myself into peak physical condition during my time in DLP. The goal that I have set for myself this year is to decrease my body fat by around 3%-5% (currently at an estimated 15%) while either maintaining my current weight (58 kg) or increasing it. I plan to use a variety of equipment in order to equally train each muscle group and will begin to implement a healthier diet plan that includes more lean protein and less refined carbs and sugars, which will allow for me to maintain muscle mass whilst decreasing my body fat.While increasing my stamina, I aim to also improve my skills within basketball, specifically shooting. I plan to practice shooting on my hoop at home or the hoop at the American clubhouse. My goal in shooting is to be able to consistently make 86% of my free throws (43 out of 50) and being able to shoot 33%+ on three point shots (20/60 minimum). 


The service goal that I have set for myself also relates to COMUN, as this year I have been assigned by the secretary general to work with the head of community service in order to create a new proposal as to how we will be able to raise funds/make donations for charitable causes spanning all participating schools. We plan on working with other service groups and finding a way to incorporate different methods of fundraising, as the current COVID conditions require us to work digitally for the time being. Furthermore, working in the media means that I will also need to find ways in which we can promote and advertise this new proposal, as no one will be able to know about our events and fundraisers without knowing what is going on. We plan on doing everything online, whether it ranges from creating posters and pamphlets to creating advertisement videos.


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