World Mental Illness Awareness Week

In honor of the World Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 1, 2018 – October 7, 2018), we wanted to do something special for the school community. After a lot of discussion, we noticed that something really common amongst school students is stress which is mainly caused by the amount of activities and coursework that is supposed to be done on a daily basis.

So, we decided to make posters on stress management as a way of trying to help them out. All of us made one poster each and took multiple print-outs of it and also put the word out to see if the teachers were interested in putting up the posters in their rooms. We waited for a week and after receiving an overwhelming response from the teachers, we made it a point to deliver the posters to them personally on October 4, 2018 and also thank them. It was really pleasant to see that so many people understood our objective and were ready to collaborate with us. Being a part of an extremely positive and understanding school environment makes me happy.

This is me putting up one of the posters in the students’ center. 

Picture credits: Youzhi Wang

In the end, we ended up giving away more than 20 posters. After this, we also started working on curating something for the daily bulletin to inform people about the cause.

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